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Welcome to the Bugs & Glitches Forum Section

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Hey Milletians!

The Bugs & Glitches forum section has been created for you to post bugs found in the game. This section is not for general discussion about game issues, inquiries about the game's functionality, nor technical support.

If you have found an issue you would like to report, please follow these steps:

  1. Find a problem within the game. Example: Untranslated Text, Incorrect Skills.

  2. Open the Bug & Glitch section in the forums and SEARCH. If you find the bug already listed, reply in the thread saying "It happened to me too!" If you did not find the bug listed, continue to step 3.

  3. If you did not find the bug listed, create a new forum post in the Bug & Glitch area.
    Title your thread with a summary of the issue.

  4. Add details to the post about the bug. Answer the following questions:
    1. What is the issue? (It may also be necessary to explain Why it is considered an issue.)
    2. What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
    3. What do you expect to happen instead?

    The bug report is not valid unless all three questions are answered. Information must be gained through normal gameplay of an official Mabinogi client. Third-party information, such as wikipedia entries and/or fansites with user-generated information, are not valid sources of evidence for the purposes of a bug report and will be discounted.

  5. You must include visual evidence, such as a screenshot or video. Please use whichever type of media best demonstrates the issue.
    1. Screenshot images are best for static issues, such as a text error. When posting images, you must use either Photobucket, Imgur, Puush, or Tinypic.
    2. Videos are best for issues which involve a specific trigger, such as the inability to complete a specific step of a given quest. When posting a video, you must use Youtube only.

  6. Please include the in-game name and server of the character experiencing the issue.

  7. Limit your thread to one issue. Please do not report multiple issues in the same thread. This will keep things clean and easy to read, and any following discussions focused.

  8. If your bug is accepted and verified, pat yourself on the back, you made Mabinogi a better place.
[NOTE] Anyone who does not follow these instructions may have their thread locked, moved, or deleted. All forum rules still apply to this section.
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    Here is a list of status updates you may see on bugs reported:

    [FWD] - This issue has been forwarded to developers
    [NAB] - This issue is not a bug or it is "As Designed"
    [CNR] - This issue cannot be reproduced
    [FIXED] - This issue has been fixed
    [WNF] - This issue will not be fixed

    Any Forwarded bugs will be sent to the "Forwarded Bugs" category. This is so that new issues do not get hidden by issues that are forwarded.

    [NOTE] Fixed issues will eventually be archived so that new issues can be seen in the category. Please check our monthly patch notes to see which issues have been fixed.
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