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Mari Concert

Mabinogi Rep: 2,350
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edited July 30, 2017 in Mari Chat
So I have a great idea to help bring people of Mari together for an event we will remeber and maybe even be able to repeat -- a concert in game. We can use either the emain stage or the one in festia. I would like to see who would be interested in helping out and participating in this event. We will be looking for people to play instruments, possibly a few composers to make multiple instruments songs to be played during the concert, someone to record and upload the concert to youtube or other sharing medium to be posted up later, and finally it wouldnt be a concert without an audience.

I believe the most members you can have for one song is 8 but if more people are interested we could rotate people for certain songs so everyone has a chance to show off their music talents. I will list the instruments below so if you would like to play one of them post below with your ign so you can reserve that instrument slot. Once 8 slots are taken we will contact the composer(s) for help creating songs that work well for those instruments. It would be awesome if we could have some original composisitions for this. Composers will be credited for their work in the video description to promote them in game as well.

Wind Family
- flute
- chalumeau
- whistle
- roncadora
- tuba

- harp - samuelalex
- mandolin
- lute
- lyre
- guitar
- cello
- piano
- ukelele
- violin

- bass drum (big one)
- snare drum (small one)
- cymbals
- xylophone (hand chimes)

- standing mic
- handheld mic

Note: For quality purposes I am excluding the use of music bottles and handbells.

If possible we would perfer composers be on Mari server so they can be recognized before the concert starts, however if you are on another server and would like to send me the MML info I can still mention you before we begin as well as in the video description. After we have instruments reserved we will need help with coming up with songs to play using them. That is where the composer comes in to possibly make multiple part songs for us to feature during the concert.

Video recorder
This person will be our live video recorder to document the concert from start to finish to be uploaded on a sharing medium ie youtube for the editors to download. Editors will take the raw video and fix it up then pass it back to the person who will be uploading it for all of us to see.

Editiors will take the raw video and make a production out of it introducing people in the beginning and cropping the video at various places such as during song changes/breaks to make sure everything flows together for the final video to be shared.

This person will host the video up on a sharing medium ie youtube for public view and commenting.

Once we have all the required roles reserved and ready to go we can work out what day and time we want to get together to make this event happen XD please comment below if you are interested in helping out. If multiple people reserve the same instrument we can switch out or try to make a song with multiple parts for the instrument perhaps. Of course everyone is welcome to come watch too just be respectful of the people playing and try to remain calm and quiet while the concert is going on.
  1. What do you think of this idea?5 votes
    1. Wow thats really cool sign me up! (Post below your instrument/role and ign)
       40% (2 votes)
    2. I'll come watch when you get everything setup XD
       60% (3 votes)


  • TotonoTotono
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,690
    Posts: 47
    This sounds fun x3 If I were around during it I have most instruments covered but my play time isn't very reliable :s I wouldn't mind playing stuff like piano, chimes, harp, bass drum, cello. Those are the favorite instruments I have. :3
  • SamuelalexSamuelalex
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,350
    Posts: 430
    edited July 31, 2017
    @Totono: Awesome I would love to have you be a part of the band XD what would be your favorite instrument to play so I can reserve the slot for you? Im on an older machine so I might lag.

    I am hoping to get at least 6 different instruments but a full band of 8 would be amazing. Once all the instruments are reserved we can try to find a composer to make songs for us <3
  • SamuelalexSamuelalex
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,350
    Posts: 430
    We are still looking for musicians and composers to help make this concert a smashing success XD Please reply here or note me in game if you want to sign up. Once we have at least 6 instruments reserved we can look for co posers to help make us some songs based on the instruments chosen. This concert will be uploaded to youtube for everyone to view afterwards XD
  • SamuelalexSamuelalex
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,350
    Posts: 430
    We are still looking for people to play instruments and help compose music for the concert ^^ Dont worry about your music playing rank or music knowledge rank. We will work with you so that you can play your part at the rank you are currently at or as close to it as possible. We will likely play using jam session which requires you to at least have playing instrument rank F to learn. Playing using jam session allows for all instruments to join and play at the same time, however we may explore using freestyle jam too which would be interesting with all the animations available during play XD Please note me or Loreyna if you want to join or you are welcome to post here to reserve your instrument. We need at least 6 people before we can start working on making the songs.
  • 암호암호
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,085
    Posts: 59
    If you need a musician, I can fill, just let me know what part. I have pretty much all instruments. Music Knowledge/Composition/Playing is all Rank 1.
    IGN: Code 2008
  • SamuelalexSamuelalex
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,350
    Posts: 430
    Awesome thanks Code. Im not sure which instruments we will need but your welcome to pick whichever you would like to play ^^ im going to play harp I got from a friend for my birthday. Its one of my favorite instruments and I love the sound of it.