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i dont know

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edited August 1, 2017 in Help
hi I'm new and I have no idea on how to even start so any tips would be great!
and I also don't even know how to progress so ima have to redo the totoriel


  • zedthefirstzedthefirst
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    also I forgot my secondary password
  • YokkaichiYokkaichi
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    Welcome to Mabinogi! Yes, make sure you do the tutorial so you know how to play the game. One tip I have to give you is to rank up your close combat skills: smash, defense, windmill and counterattack, so you can output a decent amount of damage. I also recommend starting out as a human since they do not have any talents that are restricted to them. There is also a separate category on this form called Game Guides that have a variety of tips to help guide you in this game! You can also look up information on pretty much anything on the Mabinogi wiki located here

    As for your secondary password, there is no way to retrieve it if you've forgotten, but you can reset it by going to the Mabinogi main page, logging into your account, then hovering over the top where it says Support. Click on Secondary Password and there should be button to help you reset it.
  • DanievictriaDanievictria
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    You can probably get your secondary password problem fixed by contacting Nexon.

    As for beginner tips:

    1. Train Windmill very early on in your adventure, since it's one of the best sources of Strength and Will in the game. Its training requirements are heavily CP (combat power) dependent, requiring you to constantly defeat enemies that are ranked as "Strong", "Aweful", and "Boss" compared to your character. The earlier you train this skill, the easier it will be for you to find appropriate victi--uh, opponents to train against.

    2. If you pick anything but Close Combat for your first talent, you should still carry a sword, mace, or axe with you as a secondary weapon. With ranged skillsets like Archery and Magic, it's because you won't be able to defeat every enemy before they get close to you at first, so having a good melee weapon on you is very helpful when enemies eventually get up in your face. If you picked Fighter, it's because knuckles greatly reduce your already pitiful pre-rank 1 Windmill range (That move is basically this game's Magicarp. The range up to rank 5 is a joke, the range from rank 5 to rank 1 is just barely usable against enemy groups, but then the rank 1 range finally makes the skill an indispensable tool in your bag of tricks), so having a traditional melee weapon as a secondary is basically a must for training that skill...for the sake of your freakin' sanity. Also, don't neglect Defense, Smash, Combat Mastery, or Counter either.

    3. Buy a lute, do the quests that teach you Lullaby, Enduring Melody, and Battlefield Overture, then buy a microphone and get Song up to rank 5. With song at rank 5, you can bust out these incredibly useful songs instantly without needing an instrument or microphone. That frees up your equipment slots so you can carry both a ranged and melee weapon with you and still buff yourself and/or put enemies to sleep too. It's very useful when you're soloing dungeons or just smacking down random field enemies for kicks.

    4. Take up a life skill talent early on in your adventures to rank Production Mastery for the Stamina. The best ones to do early on are Carpentry and Tailoring because you can rank them while hanging out in the lower-level areas and you'll rank Production Mastery fairly quickly just from gathering materials alone. With Carpentry, you can make some nice, quick early-game cash by making rolling pins using a handicraft kit and selling them to NPC shops. With Tailoring, you can make clothes with better durability and protective stats than their store-bought counterparts, basically allowing you to make some very good, cost-effective early-game armor.

    5. Have a ranged skill set and a melee skill set at the ready at all times, especially when you're solo adventuring. Ranged skills allow you to pick enemies off from large groups one at a time and soften tough enemies up at a distance before finishing them off with melee skills. And melee, of course, for those enemies that refuse to die from your sniping and need to get smacked. The best ranged skillset for beginners is magic, since the basic bolt spells are relatively easy to level up and you can do quite a bit of damage with them alone if you put in the time and AP.

    6. Keep a look out for the different events that happen in the game...practically all the time. Prizes you can earn from these events include useful things like pets, inventory bags, and training potions.

    7. By allying with the elves or giants with your human character, you can get a free elf or giant character card. Break your first alliance and join the other side and you can get the other side's card too. You can use those characters to try out how elves and giants play...or you can just create them and leave them unplayed for the extra bank space.

    8. Don't use the Moonlight Traveler book for your first trip to Belvast. Instead, take the ship from Port Cohb. It's more epic that way. Just trust me on this one.

    9. If you play an elf and you want to build up their Strength, Ninja is actually a better talent to train in than Close Combat. This is because Sakura Abyss gives much better Strength per level that Combat Mastery for elves. It's tedious to train because of the five minute cooldown (whoever decided on that cooldown is obviously out of their daggon mind), but it's worth it.

    Well, those are my best tips. I hope they're helpful to you in your adventures. ^_^