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Capulet Guild Recruitment

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edited January 2, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
What's in a guild? Noble knights here beloved,
Fight for our family's honor and pride!
So you would, were you a Capulet called,
Rejoice with all our guild in favor of,
That name which connects us as a family.
And for that name, which would be a part of you,
Take all of us!

Capulet is a guild that heavily focuses on the social aspect of the game and working together as a family. We do have plenty of combat-oriented structure to our guild, but our main focus will always be the friendships between our members and simply doing fun things together. We don't have any level or skill requirements for you to join: the only requirement is that you are a friend first and will get along with us all swimmingly!

You can find in-depth information about our guild at our Guild Website:
We also have twitter:
and facebook:

Here is a list of some of the regular activities our guild does:

Special Monthly Events - We have a large variety of events that are hosted every month! They could be seasonal parties, PvP tournaments, Concerts, or any sort of fun event ideas that any of our guild members come up with!

Discord - We have a main discord server for the guild only, and we also have a whole separate server for our Girgashiy Raid Group that is NOT guild-exclusive, BUT it is invite-only: anyone in the raid server must be friends with a Capulet member and must have met Shakaya before being invited to it. Both of the Discord servers are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, NOT REQUIRED -but! at least the main guild server is recommended as we do tend to be more active chat-wise over there than in-game.

Daily Guild Runs - We have Guild Council Members that host guild runs every single day! We have runs both in the mornings/early afternoons and evenings! We also have a Production Party going all day long every Monday!

Game Night - We play browser games like Board Game Online, Town of Salem, and etc. every Saturday night after the Tara Banquet and Cooking Contest have ended! Links to the games are posted in Discord and on Twitter.

Capulet Band - We rehearse for performances that will be shown to the whole server when we feel like having a concert, and when we're not preparing for a concert you can always count on lots of jam sessions simply for the enjoyment of ourselves!

Server-Hosted Events - We do our best to attend the server hosted events like the Fashion Contests in Tara, the Cooking Contests in Emain, the Jousting Tournaments in Tara, and the Dan Skill Advancement Testings in Emain!

Guild Alliances - We are allianced with a few guilds! The point of alliances is not to have a force against any particular enemies or anything like that, it's simply to have a larger community of friends to do things with and help each other! You can expect to see members of guilds in our fellowship tagging along to Capulet events and runs at any time! Our allied guilds are: Chevaliers, Knights of Tir, Fidelis, Celticforce, Schattenwolf, and Lostones.

Playing other games together - If you want to be in a Capulet branch that's on a different game (the games we play are listed on guild website) then you have to be a part of the guild Discord server. Now, while we do play other games together when guildies feel like it, our main focus and attention is always on Mabinogi and Mabi is where we spend most of our time together!

So, if you have decided that this guild tickles your fancy, please send a note to me in-game or add me as a friend! My in-game-name is Shakaya.

Also feel free to post here or add/note me just for any questions you might have to help you decide if this is the guild for you!

Once you have added me, if you've decided to join, I'll invite you to some guild runs and gatherings so you can start to mingle with us. You will need to have 2 referrals within Capulet to join. So, when you're invited to come start mingling with us, make sure to be social and add some of us as friends. Once you feel comfortable with some of the members, ask them to send me a note confirming that they are referring you to join our family!

We have our referral rule to be sure that you're someone we will be friends with and comfortable around. This also goes vise versa for you and will ensure that you already have some friends in the guild from the very moment you join. I believe both parties end up happier this way. C:

Now, once I have received two referral notes for you, we will then have a short interrogation- I mean interview...

At that interview we will explain the guild rules and make sure you are willing to follow them (they're basic rules for avoiding drama and such unpleasant things, also we are a LGBTQ+ supportive community) and you will be asked questions from all the Capulet members that show up to interview you! Please answer all the questions honestly!

Also, do bite your thumbs at any who's alliance lies with Montague!


  • Hime017Hime017
    Mabinogi Rep: 620
    Posts: 3
    HERE YEE !

    HERE YEE!!

    We return again and this time with fiercest wants of --Well Everything.
    Give us your Strong, Weak, Mighty, Learning, Shy, Courageous, Outspoken and Lovables!

    Stand before us and see that the fight is never meant to be fought alone. We are many and we are bonded.
    Please look around and see where your loyalties lay and calculate who'll remain or take flight in this mightiest fight for survival.
    Stand together with us and lets show this server what it's like to be family by bond and not just blood.

    Join us for our mornings of rejoice, evenings of discovery, and sleepless nights of adventure.
    We hail from the lands of college go'ers, work from home'ers, Full Timers, Game-Addicts, and Night players.
    Know we are a fun loving bunch who just aim to bring peace and love to a somewhat harsh cladded world.
    Take a break.. breathe in and know you can decompress with others who'll understand the day you most likely went through.

    As seen above from Shakaya, we try to busy ourselves as a community together inside and outside of Mabinogi.
    Please don't be to come around and test the waters. Dip your toes in.. or jump head first. We'll accompany you and keep you afloat when and if high tide washes in.

    Questions/Inquiries, Comments, Concerns, Interests?
    ===Shoot a message our way and lets begin this journey.

    Don't walk behind me;
    I may not lead.
    Don't walk in front of me;
    I may not follow.
    Just walk beside me and be my bestest friend.
    We'll grow together and be invincible to the end.

    After all... the ultimate goal, is Peace and Harmony.
  • LuzLightLuzLight
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,045
    Posts: 8
    Capulet is the most amazing guild I have been in so far. It really reminds me of my old mabinogi guild family Aesir and I feel right at home. (Is not being held against the computer by Shakaya with a gun)
  • CyCyCyCy
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,240
    Posts: 63
    edited January 21, 2017
    @LuzLight Shakaya doesn't need to hold a gun on me to observe that Capulet is one of the most amazing guilds around haha. Guilds are the building blocks of our Mabinogi community. Caputlet is definitely one of the guilds that I wish we had more of.

    I may have been in Capulet if my circumstances were different. But I'm currently leading a guild with a different "Vision" =P
  • ShakayaShakaya
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,585
    Posts: 216
    Aww, thanks Cyril QwQ