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IMPORTANT: Game is Removing My Gold

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edited December 9, 2018 in Help
Ever since this memory book update, I've periodically checked my inventory to discover that all my gold had been removed (Ducats not affected). This happened once when I was training Gold Strike with ~150k in my inventory (only using 1 charge, so 100g cost per use, although I was checking constantly to see where I was at), I exited Dorren's Request and changed channels only to find that the 145k or so that I had left was gone and I now had 0 gold. This was about two days ago. Today, I logged in to find out that all my gold had, again, been removed from my inventory. I don't know exactly when this happened, but the last thing I did yesterday was mine in Hillwen B3 which involved a lot of channel switching to find good mining spots. I upgraded my mining drills before I went in, so I know that I had gold. I had around 150k in my inventory then, as well. I didn't check my gold afterword last night (since repairs are free), but I logged in today to discover that all of it was gone. Nothing else in my inventory is gone, despite many expensive items being tradeable, so I'm reasonably sure nobody hacked my account, took 150k and left.

The bank seems to be unaffected and I'm unsure about pets/partners.

This issue is very concerning.


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    Mabinogi has a penalty for logging off shortly after combat, which scales up based on various factors. This penalty was originally intended to prevent players from escaping dangerous situations by simply logging out (back when dungeons and field enemies were the only things to fight).

    If you try to log out and you'd get a penalty, you get a warning message with the details.

    If you try to change channels instead, it brings up a different warning, one line of which tells you that the logout penalty will be applied.

    ("Changing channels" is technically logging out of one channel and then back into another.)