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Another way to make mobs tougher.

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A few months back, I suggested giving mobs access to the different fighting skillsets that players get, such as: duel gun, puppetry, ninja, and so on. Here's another idea. Years ago, around the time they introduced fighter, they changed the combat system. Before combat skills had shorter cool down times but longer load times. The new system, that we have today shifted the load times to extend the cool-down times. They left the "old" combat system for mobs, pets, and summoned golems. So in combat versus mobs, the game got a lot easier, as you could now react to mobs. How about upgrading the combat system to the "new" one for mobs too.

Helsa0151 of Alexina


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Also make AI mobs smarter to give a new challenge to match growing number of player skillsets.
  • DARKCloudDARKCloud
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    A lot of things need to be taken into consideration though. Instant load time works for a lot of the game ,but even then it gets iffy around harder difficulty SMS, the challenge is the sheer quantity of enemies with instant smashes and the damage you'd take (very often mind you) from unpredictable counterattacks (fairly instant). Now many enemies don't double aggro in early game, but in quite a bit of the content enemies aggro on a very large scale. Now assuming you even brought party. You can easier be outnumbered a smash spammed in a corner by 2 or 3 enemies a piece. God forbid they have WM. This is also a relatable issue to them having ninja and chain slasher in particular. those large scale AoEs with multiple foes would be pretty deadly.
  • TolnaTolna
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    They’d need to make a lot of changes to some talents and really tweak the hp and damage they do if they go through with it.

    Right now NPC’s with player skills tend to glitch out a lot. Unknown Men and Succubus Fiends with No Cooldown Final hit and WoTG, Shockwave Spam in Tech Duin, Snapcast bugging out some characters causing them to just stand still.

    It would be cool to see more skills used but a lot of them would need more counters and testing. I can’t even begin to think of how players would beat a monster with Ninja skills.
  • ChoCho
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    This would be a problem with sudden instant counters, instant smashes ( the bone warriors in Shadow Missions like to run up to you and then suddenly load Smash.) and with archer enemies being able to instantly aim magnum shot with no warning. Also a lot of other skillsets like fighter, puppetry, etc are just power creep and not really meant to be fought against. You could get hit with one fighter skill and get locked into a combo for 5000 damage or puppet snare'd with no way to stop the stun since you can't block or counter it. Same applies to all the other skills besides combat, ranged, and magic. Alchemy has been only since it's basically just different magic.

    It'd be cool if they gave monsters more damage without increasing HP. Punish you for taking a hit since you can kill most monsters with counter, windmill, and defense and not take any damage. They could add healer mobs too. Not OP ones that heal for 999 but maybe low rank healers that heal monsters for 20~30 per charge. They could also do more with bard monsters besides give them dischord.