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The Capulet Guild is Recruiting!!!

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edited June 29, 2019 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello new friends, Capulet is looking to rebuild our guild, and we would love for you to consider us when choosing which guild to join on our new lovely Nao server! Before the merge, we became super dead, and we're hoping to change that!

^ 6/5/2019 post-merge screenie <3

Media our guild has:
Discord: an invite will be sent after application acception
Youtube (our youtube hasn't been updated in a while, but i do have a lot of hoarded videos that will be added soon!)

Currently our guild's main focus is to bring our returning mid-game players up to end-game status (and I don't mean with crazy reforges, I just mean helping mid-gamers level and grind mats and craft gear that they need to be able to run the new raids, tech, etc.). We do have members that can run the end game content, and we plan on doing those as often as possible, but our current largest focus is just helping people catch up to the rest of us for the time being, so with the above in mind, our target recruitment group is other players that are also mid-leveled that wish to get stronger and do the new content.

New players are welcome too, but please do your best to get through your memory book and generations quickly so you can catch up to us! With the recent updates it's fairly easy to get to mid-level nowadays so that shouldn't be a problem! End-gamers are of course welcome too, if this guild happens to appeal to you, but I have to ask you to please be patient while the rest of the guild catches up to you if you decide to join us.

I also want for our guild to be as self-sufficient as possible when it comes to materials and crafting. The auction house's release has allowed people to overprice things to all heck, and I'm hoping that when we grind together as a guild, that members will either trade parts with each other or sell to each other at a reasonable price. Of course, I'm not going to tell anyone what to do with their loot. If some members want to auction stuff off and not participate in that specific guild function, that's fine, but I'm hoping that a good portion of this guild is a community that enjoys helping each other!! Also, I've gotten magic craft and enchanting to rank 1, while my spouse has gotten engineering and every other life skill to rank 1, and we're both in the process of mastering and daning all of these too, so if you need any crafting services we are happy to do so for free when you bring us the materials~

^ Capulet's 10th Guild Anniversary Guild Art by milkypocky (September 2018)
Our guild was created on 9/14/2008

In the past, on Tarlach, Capulet was mostly a social-focused guild, and we had a lot of in-game parties and events not only for just our guild, but sometimes for the whole server too. We won't be doing that anymore, but that doesn't mean we won't be getting involved in the community. We'll still have small parties for just our guild when there's a special occasion, but we're changing our direction to mostly be focused on PvE when getting involved with the Nao server as a whole.

We do, however, have a guild discord server that's used for more than just Mabinogi! We're bringing back Dungeons and Dragons sessions and guild game nights (we play browser games like Town of Salem, boardgame-online, CAH xyzzy, and etc.). We also play Vindictus and Minecraft together and are highly anticipating the release of Peria Chronicles!!

Most of us are in the U.S.A. and are avaliable in the evenings and late nights. We're spread out between all U.S. time zones at the moment, so there isn't one consistant time I can give to you right now, but if you are avaliable in your time zone at the same time that is evening for U.S.A then you'll have no difficulty socializing with us! People with conflicting time zones are most welcome to join, but guild activities will happen at a time that benefits the majority of our members, so if it's 3 am for you when it's 9 pm for us, you'll have to put in some effort to hang out with us if that's what you wish to do and chug some coffee. Just maybe don't do that every single day because I don't want you to die.

^ May 11, 2019 pre-merge screenie :3

Also, our guild is named after the famous Shakespeare play, and everyone should go watch the Romeo x Juliet anime because it's amazing and my fan-girling over that is what made me choose this name for our guild!! And boi was I sURprIsE when we got Shakespeare generations in Mabi!

Though we really do aim to be a close-knit family community again, which is another reason I named the guild after a family name in the first place. We like to run things with friends outside of the guild and with our allied guild friends, but the priority of our time is given to our own members and prospective recruits. We like to keep to ourselves and develop deep friendships with our fellow guild mates.

Also, if any other guild leaders want to be allied with our guild then you'll be welcome at our guild parties and such! We love having more friends!

Because we are a close-knit community, those that apply to the guild won't be automatically let in immediately. If you're wanting to join, please add me as a friend and then I'll invite you to guild runs and talk to you personally to see if you're a good fit for our family. If you get along with everyone then you'll be accepted, and if you start throwing salt at everyone you'll be rejected. It's a simple process!

I also want to add that if you join the guild, and get in an argument with another guild member, you are expected to sort out that issue privately between the two of you and repair the friendship. If someone ends up being in a situation where they leave guild calls just because someone else they had an argument or two with joins the calls, or if drama blows up in the guild chats, then the guild council and myself will decide on who gets kicked out of the guild. Drama is not tolerated, and I don't want to sense tensions between guild members when we're trying to enjoy a night of guild activities. And that's really the only rule we have, don't be a butt.

Anyways, if you have more questions before joining the guild, you're welcome to ask them here on this thread or you may also add me in-game or send me a note! My IGN after name changes is back to being just Shakaya

(Note: I had to leave my guild to get my name changed back to what it used to be, so my alt, Shakygiant, has to stay guild leader for a bit. The game only lets you pass guild leadership once a month, so it'll be a while before I'm able to lead Capu again. During this time please continue to send notes and friend requests to my main if you have questions or would like to join Capulet!)


  • GarranGarran
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    Hey there! I'm Garranaki, one of the guys in the screenie here. (The angry Guitar man) I often joke around and call myself "the token giant of Capulet" since Giants are really uncommon 'round Mabi. That being said, when I joined some few years ago, it was wonderful! It still is, in fact, and quite a few members of ours are longtime veterans that have stuck around for years. Shaky takes this stuff really seriously, and she's a wonderful leader! She'll often host raids, and dungeon runs, alongside the events that we organize. She was known on Tarlach for the "Tarlach fair", a seasonal event we held over quite a few years. I gotta say, I've never seen a guild in ANY game quite as well organized, close knit, or just, active for such a long time as Capulet. We've had our fair share of hardships as guilds usually do, but we've persisted over the years.

    I'm glad that I joined Capulet, since it's what kept me on Mabinogi over these years. Long live Capu!

    P.S. I don't appear as often as say, our most active members, but as a member of our guild council, you'll see me hop into VC pretty often. We've got voice chats daily, and they last a hella long time. If you're willing to put in a 'lil time, Capulet's a wonderful guild to join, or just stay around with, if you want. We do accept guild partnerships, as Shaky said in the above post.
  • FaybalFaybal
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    Hi! Fabledblade here! I joined about 4 years ago in summer of '15 and I haven't regretted it! We're a tight-knit community of players that are working toward having fun! We love to run events, dungeons, shadow missions, and raids!
    I'm also a member of the guild council and I'm pretty active within the game and the guild, so you'll probably see me a lot!

    Join Capulet if you're looking for a Mabinogi Home! We'll do a lot of fun activities and runs together!
    We'll work toward achieving the end-game content together!

    Fabledblade (Formerly of Tarlach)
  • LuzLightLuzLight
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    Lightwater in the flesh~ I joined relatively 4 years ago in the middle of my college. I met so many wonderful people in this guild that has inspired me to help them in all I can regards to resources, crafting, and dungeon running. Lots of random moments where I tend to laugh like a maniac lol.

    You won't be disappointed~ If you apply, I hope to see you soon c:
  • KiriayaKiriaya
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    To any players considering joining capulet, I would like to wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. Shakaya is one of the most enjoyable players and steadfast leaders I have ever known. She has been a stauch supporter of my own guild, as well as many others, and has been as kind as can be to any I've seen her encounter. Capulet is an amazing guild and the lot of them that I've met have been brilliant and fun.