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Chroma Keying Room

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Hello there!

Mabinogi is a wonderful game with lots of cute animations, costumes, weapons, and character designs. It is also well known that there's a huge base of artistic players. A lot of them draw these very wonderful works of art, but there are also people who enjoy using all sorts of software to create fun little videos and there are people who would love to also take pictures from different angles and at different moments of an animation. For example, this one:

I just took the animation from the current Valentine's Event page that had black background, somehow took away the black background and placed the two characters on top of a breakfast table. It's fun making things like that!

I believe that a lot of players would LOVE to have a Chroma Keying Room. This way, we could make videos or take pictures of our characters doing all sorts of stuff, which we can then implement to whatever art style we love having fun with! Here are a few features for the Chroma Keying Room that I would love to see:

- The Chroma Keying Room is just like a Homestead, it is a separate instance that's only for you or people you invite.

- Colors of walls, floors, and sky can be changed to whatever color. This would allow us to easily pick a color for Chroma Keying purposes, making the process easy no matter what color of outfits we are wearing.

- We can load any character or object model in it.

- Maps can also be loaded such as the Dunbarton town, the Library, inside of the church, dungeons, and more.

- We can also play any animations for that character or object. For example, we can choose something like "Get Hit animation" and then it will loop our character in that "Get Hit" animation.

- The camera can be controlled in a variety of ways. There's free cam, pan cam, rotating cam, following cam (basically something that functions similar to the Grand Theft Auto Video Editor camera).

- Special effects like weapon hit sparks, critical hit, magic and others can also be played.

- Light sources can be placed in the Chroma Keying Room in order to properly light up our character or objects however we want. For example, we can position a light source under our character to make him look ominous, or maybe we can light him from the side for a more romantic effect. There also should be a simple omni-directional light that lights up the entire place as well.

Thanks for reading, I hope you consider it because lots of people DO enjoy Mabinogi in other ways, like making comics with it or videos, aside from just playing it. Have fun!


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    Huh, that's funny because I thought of something like this but for another game. My idea was more simplistic, though - it would've been an add-on/extension to the interaction crafter with most of the elements you proposed. However, you would work in an interface rather than an actual instance. Reminds me of Sonic Scene Creator. I think it could work for this game, too.
  • Momma_SophieMomma_Sophie
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    edited February 24
    Nah, buddy. I'm here to play Mabinogi. This is a game; it's not art studio software.