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Suggestions regarding Puzzle events.

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- Make puzzle event permanent, instead of three months of nonstop login and having it act as an event filler. Make it replace any kind of battle passes, honestly (looking at you, Kr.)
- Puzzle event should last the whole year, which would give plenty of time for anyone to get the puzzle completed. It then could be cycled to another outfit set afterwards.
-Give daily rewards for it each day, instead of once a week as is current. It could follow the daily bonuses ex: Monday = crafting material, Thursday some magic powders, etc. They could also be randomized to not throw off the in-game balance and disrupt material flow.
-The pieces needed would still average about three months of activity, which would be fair considering the span of a whole year and people having things like a job, or school. Any extras beyond the outfit would just be that: extras. a small incentive without it being too game breaking.
-All of this would be account/server wide. One character per server, per account.
- For the last-minute people, or those who don't want to bother with logging in for the whole three months, give them an option to pay to get the puzzle done quicker, because, let's face it, that's just within this game's cash shop methods to do something like this.

These suggestions would make puzzle 'event' friendlier to players, and would also give a more certain method to get those specific outfits in a recurring way, especially since most of them do have some in-game functions re:special NPC lines in chapter 7.


  • BronzebreakBronzebreak
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    Stops being an event then, and just permanent giveaways, no?