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Wolflord Buying & Selling List!

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edited November 26, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace
Feel free to add or note me in game. IGN - Wolflord. Willing to take offers on any of the following items.

[*]All Ninja Training Pots(your price) - Mail me
Shuriken Mastery
[*]All Dual Gun Training Pots(your price) - Mail me
Dual Gun Mastery
Grapple Shot
Bullet Slide
Shooting Rush
[*]Languhiris Chaser Set (M)
[*]Talvish's Gauntlets
[*]Talvish's Greaves
[*]Altam's Gauntlets



[*]Solar Glory Piano
[*]Violet Flame Wings
[*]Tribal Bird Robe
[*]Red Cupid Wings
[*]Black Cupid Wings
[*]Tarlach Pinky Doll Bag Box
[*]Colossus Heavy Armor
[*]Black Dragon Knight's Bow
[*]Shadow Hunter's Spike Focused Rainbow Beam Sword x2
[*]Astrologer Ankle Boots (F)
[*]Elegant Hanbok Outfit (F)
[*]Sweet Ribbon Starlet Wig x2
[*]Racoon Cub Pirate Captain Suit
[*]Portia's Costume (G15)
[*]Be Careful of Icy Roads 2nd Title Coupon x4
[*]Argenta's Frostblossom Shoes CO - 4m
[*]Ice Forest Throne
[*]Pitch Black Eye Patch and Wig CO - 4m
[*]Mortello's Pitch Black Suit CO - 12.5m
[*]Lambent Light x2
[*]Liberator Sword


Various Items too Numerous to List

The quantity of the following items varies, and as such are not listed(can generally be found in my shop in Belvast).
[*]Refining Training Pots
[*]Heat Buster Training Pots - 1 Left
[*]Various Dyes - Metal, Flashy, Fixed, Sprit, Instrument
[*]r1 Demonic Weapons
[*]r1 Accessories
[*]Metal Conversion Training Pots
[*]Puppet Training Pots
[*]Bard Training Pots



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