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Selling and Buying List~!

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edited January 6, 2017 in Alexina Marketplace
Selling and buying quite a few things, so here goes!


Azure Butterfly Wings - SOLD!
Emerald Glass Wings - SOLD!

Asuna ALO Wig - SOLD!
Portia Wig - SOLD!
Wiggling Tanuki Headband - SOLD!
Winter Princess Coronet - SOLD!
Pheonix Ear Muffs - SOLD!
Rurutie's Wig w/o Ears - SOLD!

Striped Swimsuit (F) - SOLD!
Revealing Swimsuit (F) - SOLD!
Succubus Bodywear - SOLD!
Nosuri's Set - SOLD!
Kuon's Outfit - SOLD!
Elegant Celtic Armor (F) - SOLD!
Birnam Apothecary Suit - SOLD!
Karis Wizard Suit 20/20 - SOLD!
Sailor One-Piece - SOLD!
Royal Robe (F) - SOLD!

Kitty Hand Gloves - SOLD!
Winter Princess Bracelet - SOLD!
Dowra's Bracers - SOLD!
Cat Gauntlets - SOLD!

Developer's Slippers - SOLD!
Karis Shoes - SOLD!
Striped Sailor Sandals (F) - SOLD!

○ Moist Ripple Tidal Wave Cylinder - Offer (A/W is 400k)
Nosuri Bow - SOLD!
○ Krutta Broad Sword - Offer (A/W is 500k)
Black Mask Staff +25 MA - SOLD!

Permanent Fluffy Kitty Tail/Tiger Tail - BOUGHT!
Winter Messenger Dress (F) - BOUGHT!
Detective Outfit (M) - BOUGHT!
Trinity Circlet 4/4 - BOUGHT!
Tribal Bird Robe - BOUGHT!
Milky Way Lyre - BOUGHT!
Permanent Fox Tail - BOUGHT!
#00FFEE Fixed Dyes - Always Buying! 300k Per!
♡ (HIGH PRIORITY) Majestic Gold Harmony Halo - Message Price!
Snow-White OR Dark Hummingbird Wings - BOUGHT!

Portia Hair Coupon - BOUGHT!

IGN: Amiisan