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3 enchants that are entirely centralizing to the game's balance. 2 and a half years since their release and their supply has vanished except in the hands of select few collectors saving them for their own arsenal.

Why is this allowed? Going for so long without a re-release or replacement? I can't say for certain whether the names are specific enough to be unreleaseable under trademark law, but there should at least be a replacement available. CP Yui was polarizing, but we had permanent halloween support coupons and the Fate/ puppets since then to take her place. Lisbeth 2nd title was replaced by Sion and Shenon, and more recently bested by Crazy Crafter. ALO Asuna was matched by Scathach and more recently bested by Outlaw Witch.

We need a replacement for these 3 enchants. A simple copy of the stats onto newly named items would work fine. Gacha-only is fine as well. The player economy will take care of distribution. They just need a permanent source. The stats they provide are too polarizing to ignore.


  • SylviaWolfeSylviaWolfe
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    Completely agree. Plus why not stir more hype for a new gacha for players to dump cash into after the relative flop of the wing gacha
  • AlmostNotsuperAlmostNotsuper
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    edited March 30, 2017
    On one hand, I would prefer that they remain a one time event thing which vanishes eventually because equipment breaks.

    On the other hand, I doubt that will happen because free repair kits and repair protection potions (which wouldn't be that bad on their own).

    So, failing the first option, it'd probably be best to re-release them from time to time, or come up with a similar new enchant and make it permanently available. It'd be really nice if they'd just think before releasing game-changing stuff like this (in a crossover event, of all things), rather than haphazardly tossing power creep every which way. I'm all for unique, even OP limited time gear from events, but it really should be limited. Why they had to make OP enchants instead of OP weapons (or at least OP enchants that can only go on the event weapons, like the veggies), I have no idea.
  • FinityFinity
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    I agree, especially 67th being only enchant that has piercing on and can be enchanted on swords. 48th and 56th are pretty game breaking too considering there's no way to get those enchants now.