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Does changing channels incur gold/exp penalty?

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Hello I've been doing the Red Bandit Hunter Event and often change inbetween channels quickly to seek out any untouched mobs for more Red Bandit Badges.

Are penalties still applied while changing channels shortly after or during battle? There are moments where Kloberin' Pete is hitting me, I'm in the air, and I try to change channels and naturally I get a notification that says "You cannot change channels during battle." That works as expected.

But then there are moments where I just finished eliminating the small bandit guys, put Kloberin' Pete to sleep, and it's only a few seconds after "battle" and I change channels. Or sometimes I just got hit, but am back on my feet and am able to change channels in the middle of battle. During these moments, I do not get any notification pop up and am able to switch channels. There is nothing that says I will get a penalty.

I have been doing this all day (and throughout the event). Today I didn't have much gold in my bag (maybe 3k or something, or sometimes 1k), and eventually I found my gold AND exp bar a lot lower than I remembered. My gold has reached 0 several times today and I was wondering what happened.

So are there still changing channel penalties? If so, why am I not getting pop up notifications before it lets me change channels? I looked in my options to see if maybe I unticked receiving notifications, but I don't see an option for it (maybe I missed it).

I tried to take a video, but videos stop when you change channels. I know there are log out penalties and it usually says wait how many seconds and how much gold you'll lose as well as EXP, but I thought it would say for changing channels as well. So I do not know if this is a bug or... not. (If so, I will try to put this in the bugs and glitches and maybe try to provide the video I have).

Thanks guys!


  • xOtakuxOtaku
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    Yes, the penalty applies to channel changing while in combat. You click use Alt+F4 to see if you are still in combat. If you are not in combat then it will just confirms with your logoff rather than warn you about the penalty
  • ShouKShouK
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    I only got that notification when I'm trying to log off. It still annoyingly applied when you're changing channels so when I'm channel hopping during Red Bandits or Dragon Raids, I always make sure to put my gold boxes into my pets so that I'm not carrying any gold with me to avoid the penalty.
  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    They should have a notice much like logging off but when changing channels so that people can decide on changing channels or not. It could be annoying too. I'm not sure. Either that or just have a basic timer like all games before you can change channels or log off.

    Yeah the penalty does apply, hence if you do a search on commerce as well.....lot of people not too too happy about dcing.
  • EraleaEralea
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    edited February 28, 2018
    Penalty definitely does apply. I always click the log out button to check the combat penalty popup before ccing.

    I wouldn't mind a warning popup for the cc button, too. It would save me that extra step.

    The only other way to get around it is to use pet summons to kill the bandits without getting hit or going into combat mode yourself. That way you can cc immediately after looting your badges.
  • PensivePensive
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    Thank you for the answers, folks! That is interesting the notification does not pop up when changing channels. Odd that it only comes up during attempts to log off. o_o ... Since realizing this I've been doing the checking by choosing "log off" until it shows no penalty will incur.

    Sorry I hadn't come back to this thread earlier. I had assumed it didn't get through because as I was posting it, my internet disconnected and I got a disconnection notification on this forum page.

    Good to know that I wasn't going crazy or just seeing things! It just took me by surprise since I hadn't noticed it earlier on in the event. XD