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SCRAP Lance talent, replace with Riding talent

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edited May 19, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions
Suggestion: Riding talent that revolves around mounted combat instead of revolving around lances. I honestly want the Lance talent to be scrapped and replaced with more general skillset for mounted combat, a skillset that will govern the ability to fight while mounted and contain the ability to perform useful actions on a mount.

Riding talent skills:

Mounted Lifestyle - Perform actions while mounted depending on rank.
Rank F: Talk to NPCs while mounted (use shops, banks, quests, ptjs, etc).
Rank C: Use a mount's close combat skills and bolt magic while mounted. Can also hit switches and open chests while mounted.
Rank A: Seek command. Command your mount to autonomously move toward a named location or NPC. Basically intelligent autopilot.
Rank 8: Use certain life skills while mounted, like tailoring, handicraft, fishing.
Rank 5: While mounted, mount and player can attack independently or together. Player can use generally ranged attacks like magic skills, archery skills, certain cylinder skills, certain dual gun skills, et cetera. Player can also attack with lances from atop a mount. If the mount can use knows fusion bolt skill, fusing bolt magic with player is possible.
(skill is capped at r5)

Pet Training - A totally new system for training pets to perform neat and useful actions! You can train your own pets AND other people's pets. The learned behavior is bound to the pet, not the trainer, meaning you can command your pet using words or cues after a friend has trained it for you. The actual process for training a pet uses various spoken commands, training items and props, special training locations, and non-skill actions used for positive reinforcement or correction. (This passive skill mainly affects the success in training the pet.)

Examples of trainable actions: Fetch an item off the ground, boost pet speed temporarily, perform a dance, play instrument, detect chosen substances, search and destroy rescue, assist person with disability, speak, annoy/harass person or mob, manage livestock, pull commerce cart, accept items while guarding personal shop.

Boost! - Makes the existing pet command "Boost!" usable atop any mount. Higher rank yields faster and longer speed boost.

Aerial Acuity - Use Mounted Lifestyle, Mounted Synergy, and Boost while flying.

Fountain of Love - Extend the summon time of pets. Player receives a pool of extended summon time usable on any pet. Activates and depletes only when any pet goes past its normal summoning time. Pool of extended summon time is bound to player and shared by all pets. Higher rank yields longer extension time.

Divine Link - Move this popular skill into the Riding talent, and the subskills can remain as crusader skills.