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Nao Soul Stones won't stack?

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I have three stacks of nao soul stones. One I bought from the NX shop (stack of 8) and two others (stack of 3 and stack of 2) they are not event nao stones (which i have a stack of 22) and have a "allowable trades left" of 1. (I also have a stack of 15 without an allowable trades)

I bought one of the stacks yesterday, but the other two stacks I found in my bank account from ages ago. The individual stacks can separate and stack back togeather, but not with the soul stones of the other stacks. ... What's going on here? Are there different soul stone item IDs or something?


  • LiberateLiberate
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    They are most likely a different item ID. I have 5 separate Nao soul stones and they're all event related. 2 have allowable trades, 2 do not have allowable trades, and 1 that has an (event) tag tied to it. It's extremely messy on how they hand these out.
  • pawcalypsepawcalypse
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    In one of my characters, I have 5 versions of Nao Soul Stones, a few were from different events and some from the Baltane box, and one stack is from the Shop.
  • EraleaEralea
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    Non-stacking items, my favourite space-wasters.

    Non-stacking Nao stones, non-stacking shadow crystals, non-stacking upgrade stones, whatever nonsense is going on with these 1-day complete skill exp pots

    So far I've noticed that items will have different IDs (and therefore not stack) if
    - they have a slightly different description
    - they're an (Event) version
    - they're an (Event) version with a slightly different description
    - they're a 1-trade version with 1 trades left
    - they're a 1-trade version with 0 trades left
    - they're a (Tradable) version
    - they're a (Not Tradable) version
    - they can be stored on pets
    - they cannot be stored on pets
    - they can be stored in the bank
    - they can be stored in your bank only
    - they cannot be stored in the bank at all
    - they have a timer
    - they inexplicably have a different stack limit or a stack limit of 1

    Anyway, I've given up on fighting it so I just maintain about 6-7 different stacks of Nao stones and Guardian stones in a bank tab. Any new ones I get can just stack wherever it wants to stack.
  • UnessentialUnessential
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    Man, I wish nexon would just be more consistent...

    Also I wish they would consider the player experience a lot more... They announce big things (not so big) but implement them poorly all the time.