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Help! S-type or R-type upgrade for Devil Slayer?

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I want to special upgrade a Devil Slayer but I'm not quite sure if I should go S-type (min & max damage) or R-type (critical strike damage) for maximum damage output.

My actual damage with the Devil Slayer is 229-327 and have r1 Critical Strike and r1 Smash.

What would you recommend and why?



  • BuffalosBuffalos
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    Member, Volunteer Forum Moderator
    For most two handed weapons, R is preferred.
    When you do some math, you'll find that with a 30% effective critical rate, R type will overall out preform S type in terms of total damage done. There's a spreadsheet somewhere where you can figure out that difference if you give it your max damage.
  • KororeKorore
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    I've always gone by:

    Red: All weapons Except wands/staves (Exception is if you have extremely high magic attack)
    Blue: Wands/staves

    Moving to help!
  • HyesooHyesoo
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    Thanks Buffalos and Korore for your quick answer. I'll keep in mind that simple rule for special upgrades.
  • OrkaneOrkane
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    What Korore said is the best way to go about things. The only exceptions are wands that have chain casting but are not savage wands. Wands that fit this description should be R-typed. That said, the only wand that fits that description and is worth special upgrading is the Tribolt wand.