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Tarlach Halloween GM Event

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edited October 29, 2018 in Vault
Our GM Event for Tarlach is starting. Can you solve all of the riddles? We will be updating this post with the new riddle, so keep an eye out! Remember you must post all of your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or the forums with your in-game name, server, and the hashtag #MabiHideandSeek.

First Riddle:
"Don't anger the Black Dire Wolves or the Burgundy Bears on the pathway to this location, or you may be gravely mistaken."

Second Riddle:
"Find me where one procures circular solids and luminous objects where the bell rings at 5:30am to signal the start of the day."

Third Riddle:
"I am in a passageway full of hills and steep mountains. Rumors have it you could use the stones gathered in this area to make Forest Golem Crystals in the past."