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Exploration Investigation quest

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edited June 25, 2019 in Help
There's an Exploration quest board in Fillia, Quilla Base Camp and somewhere else, as you all may know. It has a quest requiring to find the Fish Stone Statue buried in sand, and says that it can only be found by using Cold WInd L-Rod (I take that as using Land Maker with it). Also, it states that the statue can be found on the way from Fillia to Moye Ocean (Ugh! That's pretty vast an area.).
So far I've found a spot where it tells me that something is hidden right there, but I should use some other method to reveal it. So it's either stacking sand or digging to find a hidden monument. Therefore, I tried digging there and then using L-Rod Exploration, but the message remained the same or even changed to "Nothing can be found here." while I was still getting 4-beeps signal. And the size of the pit that I made... holy shyllien reserve, it was bigger than the craters in Sen Mag!
So, the question is, where actually can it be found, and how deep do I have to dig?


  • WinglyMeruWinglyMeru
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    I found a spot that an artifact was hidden but it wouldn't let me dig there, so I moved here.
    It took me 3 digs to fully uncover the fish.
    Land maker exploration is much more precise than normal exploration, so it can be tricky.
    I used an Adventurer's L-rod to find the exact location
  • MusicatMusicat
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    Thank you for driving my attention to the accuracy difference, was able to find the statue with that knowledge. It took some 6 digs to uncover most of it though (not even fully, huh). But the nugget was given, and the prohpecy shall be fulfilled. >w<
    Thank you once again.