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  • But honestly, why are Dark Lord and Morgant separate transformations, yet Dian isn't one? She's her own character separate from her spoiler related character. She also looks quite different, she was a damn boss.
  • Leinei wrote: » @Amelina According to Wikipedia, there are actually several Machas in Irish Mythos. In one story in particular there is a Macha who takes over as Cruinniuc's wife after his first wife died. Macha gave a stipulation that she would…
  • Tsumuku wrote: » Perhaps they are charging so that they can provide a higher level of care for the normal people within Mabi. In 416 years (1 week being a year, and roughly 8 real life years of aging) I have yet to see any of the NPCs age in a not…
  • So much for celtic mythology. There should honestly be a spear class or something way before something like a ninja or gunner class, let alone a person who throws cards around.
  • GTCvActium wrote: » Triona and Morgant's story was resolved very unsatisfyingly, for those that played the game from its inception, the Dark Lord and his daughter was one of the few recurring characters that held importance anytime they appeared. …
  • Sebastian wrote: » It's only 2.9k NX. Roughly 3 dollars. I wanna know how good these steam games you can buy are if they're around that price. Would it be nice if we didn't have to use trade unlocks? Yeah, but I doubt Nexon will do anything about …
  • It's honestly trash, like no joke, I'd rather break my arm for that hairstyle than do this trash. Spawns you with 5 enemies around you when an enemy is literally half a second from hitting you, meanwhile your only realistic means of combat is ice…