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  • Lutetium wrote: » Only if they also bring back permanent combo cards to make the system actually worth investing into and not having to pay a monthly vip fee. They're in the Eweca Orb.
  • If you've cleared G12, all you need to do is do the dreaded Tara Bank PTJ and get a Falias Fragment, then use the Brionac to create the Falias Portal. Once in Falias, you can start a conversation with the Eabha there.
  • Manannan's son is the Eabha that resides in Falias, mentioned all the way back in G12.
  • Nao dead server.
  • It's probably Artifact Investigator. The rule that you could only learn one skill quest at a time was abandoned before Chain Slash was released, so I doubt it would be any of those. The Rest skill quest you have is from after the life skill uncap so…
  • My goal at the start of this Master Plan event was to get my remaining skills to rank 1 by the end of it. Aside from a few elusive books, I am on track to meet that goal.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the Re:Zero announcements and sales posts were taken down for copyright reasons after the crossover ended.
  • We had the Re:Zero crossover last year, which does make it the most recent. We've been getting one anime crossover a year pretty consistently so they probably have one lined up already. My guess is they are waiting for the specific anime to begin ai…
  • The event minigame is optional, so I don't think it will be an issue.
  • The answer to that is complicated by the fact CRKs were never the "best" 1H sword. That distinction goes to the Divine Bastard Sword. The main issues are that the Divine Bastard Sword costs about 30x more than the CRK and is subject to Hillwen Engin…
  • You needed to have equipped the card and pressed "Activate Set" while meeting the requirements to use the technique. The event quest required you to activate the first five of the G22 techniques in order or simultaneously. Doing any of G23 and learn…
  • The Techniques are unlocked by playing through G22. There was an event at the launch of G23 to encourage people to complete G22 and earn the rewards from that generation. The July 4 deadline you're thinking of was to obtain the rather insignificant …
  • It sounds as if you're attributing one of the displayed x2s to the level bonus when you shouldn't be. Regardless, you need a screenshot to verify the problem.
  • The balloon event wasn't shortened. It's possible to have 9 special coins by the end, excluding any coins given out by Lenny. The most expensive item in the shop only costs 8 special coins.
  • #6 is a common enough grammar mistake (particularly in spoken English) that I didn't have a problem with it. #10 looks like correct usage to me. #14 isn't exactly wrong in spoken language. The question mark would give it an inflection he might not…
  • Draech wrote: » As far as I know, "Mabius" and "Mabius2" are server names, before being changed to their official names (e.g. Mabius became Nao, as could be seen from the Cash Shop shortly before/after the merge). Chances are your account has an a…
  • The sales page has two boxes listed as "Coming Soon," so I'm hoping we're getting a Cave of Trials and other usual Anniversary events added on Thursday.
  • I think you should try playing the Baltane Mission, "Nowhere to Run." You can get to the mission by talking to Shuan at Avalon Gate.
  • If you did the first daily SM quest the second one does not reset, even if you change channels. The Give Up and Change Channels method only works if you've done neither mission yet. Another possibility is you logged in somewhere an owl can't go, suc…