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  • Can be done... look for the directory where the mabinogi-files are stored. It should be either under the Nexon Launcher layer or beneath Program Files with /mabinogi/appdata/mp3 within. The intro-music is usually the intro.mp3 file amongst a compr…
  • WHAT!?! R.I.P.!? O_O How'd we go from K.O. to R.I.P.!? I guess I was too late to catch her from falling. Really, though, she is still a valuable member of our community; you can't just give up on her recovery so easily. *alarmly carries Greta to…
  • This indeed sounds most-likely like a connection-stability issue. Sometimes certain updates in Mabinogi may result in more band-width needing to be transferred at a time which could affect connection-stability, how-ever, the more-likely culprits wou…
  • Are you two trying to come up with more excuses again to not eat your bananas. Just open up wide and eat those bananas ! Otherwise if you wish to be excused from them bananas then you'll need to play with your food in a very creative manner...
  • Don't do that... rest of the world already has too much mis-information that causes irrational-division amongst people as it is already. Both of these screen-shots were from just a few seconds ago by the way: Crims wrote: » Gypsy is considered …
  • Don't forget that you can use those Hero-Births on your «Alt» characters for more AP to your main character. Upon Hero-Birthing an Alt, and entering into the world of the Erinn-universe, you will have an option for Hero-Support; Said Hero-Support …