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  • And now it's saying " This card has an insufficient balance. You may check you balance at Karma Koin or try another card with a sufficient balance. An error has occurred. Please try again. (000-400-1001) Order Number: d64a2d22-51eb-4c54-a00a-…
  • I'm getting the same thing too right now. Just bought a card and I can't use it. Using right zip and everything, tried diff browsers and diff accounts as well.
  • Tenshida wrote: » Anything regarding saint's guardian weapons have been deleted. So weapons with their appearance will disapear and you will have glitches roaming around with your animations. Is this a permanent change or a bug? It's pretty ann…
  • Yes you can activate Dampen shock with just armor on. I wear Langu Chaser armor and I achieve the reqs just fine. So you might need some end game armor or some type with Magic Def on it to hit the mark.
  • Same. I logged in and saw the guy and I can't get the quest. Even closed out completely and reopened mabi. Still no quest. Shame they finally put in this cool event and it comes with this kind of bug.
  • I can understand where he is coming from. I tried to get Dan 2 for Shuriken Charge and it is pretty much impossible. I understand that if you fully charge SC you get a splash damage area from where it hit but most of the time the enemies have too hi…
  • Slickest wrote: » Amyure wrote: » These tests need some point tuning. I've never gotten 12k points yet it is REQUIRED for Dan 3. Here's is my best run: I was EXTREMELY lucky and even then, I had 10k points. I've run this test more than 40…
  • Anyone have any tips for Skuriken Charge? I got it to Dan 1 but just getting A rank is hard enough. I can't even imagine trying to get SS rank. So either I'm doing something seriously wrong or they need to change around the point system with some sk…