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that's a funny trick to play on God


  • Merging did more good than harm. I know people have their issues with it (and that's totally fine) but everyone I've seen from Tarlach is pretty happy about it. I thought the game was more dead than it actually was before the merge lol
  • I voted "nostalgia" since that's the main reason, but I just don't like any other MMO systems as much as I like Mabinogi's. Also because I sank so much money into this game I gotta stay I think I sold my soul by accident
  • after a friend made a joke about my ign, i can't unsee it DX i might change my name but i don't have any ideas yet ;;
  • snowhamster wrote: » mab wiki says dan 1-->2 requires S rank twice to get it (9000 points ea?) (late response is late, sorry!) It's been a while since I've taken this dan test so I can't remember the exact score I kept getting, other than a …
  • I was wondering why I couldn't reach the servers all day ;;
  • I was just thinking about this today! It might be a mundane memory but I remember chilling around Tir and seeing a bunch of people harvesting crops at sunset. It was so picturesque but wasn't really special at the time since I would see that all the…
  • Started playing around the time with G3 came out. I saw an ad for it in the back of Shonen Jump like many a young weeb and fell in love with the music, storyline, and the art style. I was embarrassingly bad at the game, but I loved exploring and tal…
  • Yokkaichi wrote: » I can vouch for Capulet. I am currently a member and we are very active. There's no level requirement to join us and if you ever need help with something, you can always ask us! We also play games other than Mabinogi. The websit…