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  • Alexina troll housing shop

    Reminds me of the thread where someone did the same thing with angel wings and had screenshots of at least 30 ish people in the house just hanging out after being bamboozled.
  • Dan tests are unbalanced and unfair

    Pannya wrote: »
    do you even play this game?, the servers are extremly bad, there is lag sometimes even on no market channels, the adv test revamp was made for kr only (kr internet speed only), we got no localization adjustments here at all, the dan teste are actually unbalanced and unfair here.


    This game was not created with tanky players in mind, we were originally glass cannons essentially. Even warriors with armor and shields were decimated by simple mobs if they were careless, there was no shield master or armor mastery or 1k+ hp. I know lag will screw you over at the worst time and rng crits only add salt to the wounds but if you're lagging so badly to the point where you can blame lag and only the lag then maybe you shouldn't be playing at all, at least not until your connection stabilizes.

    And yes I am aware that Kr players can reach speeds significantly higher than Na players can even hope to get, this is made painfully obvious with the Gunner talent. Kr players shoot nearly twice as fast and Na with no speed modifiers and basic attacks just feel sluggish compared to them, but we still use them. This game is not unplayable even though we play a game that was designed with the server next door in mind, hell the Eu players have it even worse. Their version of the game just up and died on them and now they play with the server that's literally on the other side of the planet riding on a cool 200+ ping most of the time, yet I still see Eu players running around and they're doing just fine.
  • Attendance Event

    The game does warn you about getting your stamp early but the announcement could have done a much better job of explaining things.

    From my understanding the event keeps track of how long you have been logged in and you choose when you get your attendance stamp and receive points based on how long you waited before stamping in for the day. And the scooter pet is received when you hit 400 total points for the event so you don't need to spend points on it.
  • Infinite loop of wasting 24hours With Dan tests

    The rank information should be on the wiki unless it hasn't been updated yet.
  • This is why I hate going for nice enchants


    And before anyone asks this is on Thursday with r1 enchant and finest firewood.