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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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August 29, 1996
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    Greta wrote: »
    *People beg for VIP Revamp, Server Merge, some other content that got lost in abyss years ago*

    Nexon: Maybe...? We will think about it...

    *Instead releases new gacha twice or even thrice every month*

    Nexon: Now THIS IS what we are talking about!

    Yeah, we've discussed why this Cash Shop Model is failing. (Five pages later, and we're back on topic XD)
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    Oh great a tempest following an apocalypse. As if that will make anything better. xD

    On the bright side, KR continues fan art contests. So Mabinogi isn't dead for them at least.
    G23 Fan Art Contest results link
    Dude, hire this person! XD
    용암과 빗방울
    [만돌린] 파****모리안

    No golden mushrooms? Call me next event for new HS items.
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    TNinja wrote: »
    TNinja wrote: »
    I do have a question for you legal eagles out there.

    The reason other games such as card game booster packs and gachapon vendors aren't under the gambling law, is because you can trade or sell the item for economical circulation, correct?

    Well, wouldn't the easiest solution simply be to allow item selling?

    Physical merchandise is merchandise you can exchange with a friend or parent.
    It is completely different from virtual items which have no face value, and the tenancy to foreclose with "could be gone the next day/year."
    Therefore, virtual gambling is a monopoly scam.
    Either way, the Auction House and player shops must've went into the (plausible) lawsuit account and been seen through as a legitimate Loot Box scam. Individual items isn't the Nexon way, they don't understand.

    I suppose that is a fair point. You're not even actually buying your items in this game.

    You're effectively just renting them. Or, buying a right to interact with the item temporarily.

    Not rent, essentially you're paying for an invisible item that physically doesn't exist in our reality.
    (Grey area of laws, trade, and social regulations.)
    It merely exists in the Fantasy MMORPG we know as Mabinogi, concealed inside a Gachapon with an RNG system.
    This system can be devised and strategized in ways that favor the company. (Nexon, or "the house" in gambling.)
    Seeing as how the Belgian court agreed that it is indeed gambling, there's more fuel to add to the fire.
    "The tendency to foreclose at any time" part of what I said,
    is of the remaining factor in which companies such as Nexon can shut down a game at any time.
    Low server flow and low income flow are merely two of such contributing factors to a game's end in the industry.
    What this does is make a player's investments ($10-$100) seem far too risky, as it can feel as if the playtime or experience isn't worth the money.
    I mean, you are visibly running the "risk" of the game being shut down at any time the company announces they're broke.
    (Another example of "House Wins.")
    Mabinogi is unlike cookie cutter games in gameplay, since it maintains original and unique systems.
    Yet it also kind of is the same as everyone else.
    It releases items only in gachapons, which players recognize as more than an illegal gamble,
    but as an unfair advantage to the company who runs it.
    You market as smart as you market hard, or else nothing changes, thus nothing improves.
    This is essentially Mabinogi with ten years of only game play changes and a horrid lack of marketing changes.
    People are naturally attracted to new changes in marketing style and presentation.
    (Mabinogi has had neither of those at face value for the last ten years.)
    Gaea wrote: »
    It's up to Nexon and what they decide to do.
    Many games are getting rid of that business mechanic altogether and going back to direct purchase for items or revamping their services for their players. We can only hope that Nexon will do the same for their games. Mabinogi stands.

    This is the most key and important part of business.
    We've warned them, we've complained to them.
    They listened to the pleas for more homestead housing, rather than housing channels.

    Now that Nexon NA is faced with new legal standards and questioned business morality, they have to analyze this:
    Are they running a virtual monopoly via the RNG system? ("Oops I did it again" won't fix the laws in place.)
    Are they running a virtual casino for a game originally intended for kids? (Belgium says so, yes.)
    Is Nexon Korea going to kill them for adapting the business model for a more modern NA audience? (Probably not.)
    Can they even adapt the hopeless lines of code to make a standard Cash Item Shop plausible? (Yes, we have MS with single item sales.)
    It's called coding, I assumed everyone working at Nexon could figure that out, as if it were basket weaving.

    Mabinogi Stands... for now. It's only a matter of time for the legal repercussions to be caught up for everyone involved in Loot Boxes, not just Nexon.
    (TL;DR: Lawyers are scarier than a Yandere caught onto Senpai's scent.)

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    Gaea wrote: »
    Those stupid koreans REFUSE to understand. OUTRIGHT REFUSE.

    smh... I can't believe I just randomly found this.


    Hilarious indeed.

    Nexon in a Nutshell, if there was a nutshell to publicize:
    But yeah, technically everyone did it, yet it only took ONE COMPANY to get everyone doomed.