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  • Fix G24 Finale

    Sherri wrote: »
    I'm extremely surprised at how unfair this fight is, I can't even do anything without teleporting everywhere and constantly getting petrified..

    Welcome to G19 onward (G20 excluded mostly). The game in recent years is nothing but unfair. I'm not surprised there's a lot of unfair advantages in this. It's pretty much par for the course at this point.
  • Increase Crafting Queue

    There's a lot of items that don't even get a queue at all (I'm looking at you, Synthesis skill). They need to redo the entire crafting system honestly. But then again... Half of this game needs a redesign. This is another aspect that I agree needs an update though.

    But the real question is how to do it in a way that pleases people. Some people complain when the game feels like it's on auto-pilot and you don't interact with the game enough. But then there are people who would say the same as you. Overall, we need a solution that doesn't put the game on auto-pilot, but still allows you to do what you want to do.
  • Duel Wielding Idea for Elves

    Or they could let elves duel wield wands. They could incorporate a fusion bolt chain cast when used with two chaincasting wands, or make it where someone can chain cast intermediate magic (AKA using two ice wands would let an elf charge two or more charges of ice spear).

    I think that would be an interesting way of giving elves something unique. Since giants can dual wield maces, I think elves dual wielding wands would make sense.
  • New character races and stories

    You know, that's not a bad idea. Having new races would be great for having more options when rebirthing especially since rebirths are free and weekly these days. Though if they do that, I'd like to have a race that's not in the game... Like maybe having a demon race (Sure we have fomors, but there's very little lore on actual demons in Erinn, and having some demons would be interesting). I once suggested werewolf and vampire characters to include a storyline of werewolves vs vampires, but no one really cared for that suggestion. Thinking of some other races might add a little variety to the game and give people other things.

    I do like the idea of playing as a succubus or incubus. I think that would be kind of fun, and they easily fit into the lore. And adding them could include a storyline to add lore to the Succubus Queen and the Incubus King (who hasn't been introduced yet in America)
  • Multiplayer Main Gen Quests

    Xki wrote: »

    Also true! But I know of a few (including myself) Who can't seem to get passed certain parts of the main quests and/or are berried in them because they came back or something. I agree they have Raids and Tech Duinn missions but for those of us who can't do them due to lacking main story, unless it that was changed, it would be nice to add some more main quests I believe. Although you have a good point, i'd still say.

    Also, Iyasenu up there mentioned the option of opting out which i think would be fantastic for those who would rather solo!

    Thank you for your opinion!~

    I agree completely. Mabi has always been about having options. Mabi usually has had solo and party options for mostly everything in the game. G1 and G3 didn't require a party of 3, but you could bring up to three people if you couldn't solo. The Shadow missions and dungeons are great examples. They have party missions, but also solo-able missions. Mabi has always been about us having multiple ways to do things. But it seems like ever since G19 the game is relying on forcing people to do things they don't want to do, or limiting players far more than it ever has before.

    And yeah, I definitely think that a lot of these missions in the current generations are not designed properly to be solo'd. I feel like a lot of these were designed to be done in parties (like the G22 Balor fight, as it's basically the same fight as one of the Tech Duinn mission bosses), but they just said "well, it's story, so it has to be solo'd". Their design for these story line missions really needs some improvement.

    I think the best way to do this would be to have a Royal Alchemist-style system for the new generations. Maybe some expeditionary force members you can apply to be, and be allowed to help people with story missions. That was something I liked about the alchemist chapter generations, was that at very few points was it required to have extra people, but the option to get help from a royal alchemist was there for those that find it too difficult or need the help. Having something like that I think would alleviate a lot of the tension people have toward the difficulty of G22-G24. Being able to have the extra help if you need it would be a miracle and I think it would remove a lot of complaints of people having to call for nerfs on the generations because it means that they'll be able to get help, and maybe the people helping could get rewards like rare items to keep them motivated to help people in need of that help.