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  • [SALE] Secret Garden Box

    While I like the new items, I'm kind of disappointed there weren't more homestead items available in there... I mean, it's called the secret *GARDEN* gacha. The "throwaways" should have been homestead/house items like previous flowers or trees or stuff. :/

    I feel like we're overdue for a full-on homestead gacha.
  • *gasps* ...ANOTHER Habi-Thread...! (SEO for Mabi)

    Sadly I found Mabi through a random banner ad. Having previously played Maple Story and knowing Nexon through that, I decided to give it a try.

    I think Mabi has at least another decade in it if they play their cards right. Even if they can't update the engine (which let's be real, they managed to reverse-engineer the dungeon system, so they can if they really want to), they can start updating character/outfit models and animations. The engine's handled a lot of abuse so far, so I just don't see why not at this point. If the game looks good enough, people will find it on their own.

    Some easier upgrades that would help seal the deal: They need to update hands/feet models, do a tad bit of animating on hair/outfits (similar to the flowing wigs and make it default), increase geometry on character models. Older outfits should be updated as well. Increase maximum draw distance a very large amount in all areas (and adjust the sliders accordingly so that people still on older systems can still have their 5-foot drawing distance. :P ).

    Thing is, there just aren't a lot of MMOs like Mabi out there. It's unique in both gameplay and appearance. Upgrading the graphics, even by just upping the geometry here and there, would go a very long way.

    As for Lutetium's post... it's not really MMOs vs MOBAs.... I think the old "MUD-Style" MMOs (such as WoW) are on the verge of death since there's just no way to keep newbies flowing in when the content itself blocks them every few levels. (I'm talking about things like "heroic" or "raid" quests and the like.) These games decay when too many players hit "endgame" and get bored of alts, perpetually locking new players out of later content. They get bored and leave. Mabi's "do whatever you want in whatever order you want" character progression never had this particular problem, except at the very very beginning, and they wisely retuned the game to get rid of it.

    Meanwhile I think games like "Sea of Thieves" are the future of MMOs. There are no levels, skills, or gear. Every player has every in-game ability regardless of how long they have played. (It is the player behind the skills that truly defines the character's ability and power.) You quest in the game for the sake of questing, loot (entirely cosmetic) exists purely to be found, and there's a ton of lore for those who like to discover it. I like this, because I always loved finding lore stuff in MMOs. While I'm not into pirates, I can see why this game seems to keep growing.
  • Favorite thing to do ingame?

    Homestead decorating.

    I'm running out of room. :(
    HuwRadiant DawnSherriWolfsinger
  • Can Milletians Get Pregnant?

    I personally file this under the list of questions we probably don't want the answer to.


    Does it count that I had a kid and want to introduce him to Mabi when he's old enough?
  • Beauty Suggestions

    While there are shenanigans in the market, there's ways of navigating the fashion scene at mabi.

    1. Unless you're that attached to the animation, avoid "special" versions of outfits. This is where most of your 100+ mil outfits come from. The "normal" versions are almost always reasonably priced due to being available in greater numbers, and having the demand of the rare-obsessed whales shifted to the "special" versions. There are many ways to get an idle animation in Mabi. Wigs with some sort of ornament (to pair with an outfit) are often cheaper than the unadorned versions. Find ones that don't look totally hideous with other outfits. ;)

    2. Buy beauty coupons (or most fashion outfits) during their respective gachas. They are cheaper then.

    3. One man's trash is another man's treasure: Don't throw out your gacha trash. Save it. Some items will go up in price by the millions when they are in lesser supply. You could end up having a few hundred mil on pets after saving up a bunch of your gacha leftovers.

    4. If the recent gacha has a highly-desired guaranteed side-item, the more people will open gachas, even if they don't want any of the prizes. (I don't like the winter fairy, but I do like renown seals.)

    5. And if all else fails, wait a year. Nexon has a habit of spamming previous gacha jackpots later on once the next big thing comes out.