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  • Can Milletians Get Pregnant?

    I personally file this under the list of questions we probably don't want the answer to.


    Does it count that I had a kid and want to introduce him to Mabi when he's old enough?
  • Beauty Suggestions

    While there are shenanigans in the market, there's ways of navigating the fashion scene at mabi.

    1. Unless you're that attached to the animation, avoid "special" versions of outfits. This is where most of your 100+ mil outfits come from. The "normal" versions are almost always reasonably priced due to being available in greater numbers, and having the demand of the rare-obsessed whales shifted to the "special" versions. There are many ways to get an idle animation in Mabi. Wigs with some sort of ornament (to pair with an outfit) are often cheaper than the unadorned versions. Find ones that don't look totally hideous with other outfits. ;)

    2. Buy beauty coupons (or most fashion outfits) during their respective gachas. They are cheaper then.

    3. One man's trash is another man's treasure: Don't throw out your gacha trash. Save it. Some items will go up in price by the millions when they are in lesser supply. You could end up having a few hundred mil on pets after saving up a bunch of your gacha leftovers.

    4. If the recent gacha has a highly-desired guaranteed side-item, the more people will open gachas, even if they don't want any of the prizes. (I don't like the winter fairy, but I do like renown seals.)

    5. And if all else fails, wait a year. Nexon has a habit of spamming previous gacha jackpots later on once the next big thing comes out.
  • Regarding the New Gems...

    That's an amazing tip.
  • Please merge Alexina and Nao MkII

    People here really don't know what a "low population" MMO looks like. I've poked into Everquest II many times over the years, usually to check out whatever new content they have, but you're lucky to EVER meet another player anymore. If you meet a group, it's usually one guy and his 5 multibox alts. Various holiday events all year, but you'll only see one or two people around the event NPCs at any given time. And somehow the game still makes enough money to stay open. And no, it's not an illusion due to having more space to play on. There's a command line command that allows you to see the entire active population on a server at any given time. I've seen times where less than 10 including myself were online. Now, they did manage to get some population back with their "classic" servers, but that'll only last so long.

    Meanwhile in Alexina areas event NPCs are usually crowded to the point that they're hard to click on without changing to a quieter channel.

    This seems to be more about jealousy over the other server getting more perceived "attention" than it is about population issues. I'm happy with Alexina as is, and there are players out there (that I know of personally) that like being able to switch to one server to avoid drama on the other. As long as that's the case, the server numbers will never be less than two. Seriously, it's not happening. Please do knock it off.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Pet hotkeys? Well that's about a decade overdue...