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  • Items Desired in future gacha (Poll)

    Eralea wrote: »
    See this picture? It's dated on the 28th of May, 2011.


    This was taken today:


    In sixteen days' time, I will have had this spirit weapon for six years. Six years of waiting, hanging around with him equipped, and gifting him items, until he reached the highest level glow colour available to players. We're on the last stretch, it's so close, just a little more until r1 Awakening...

    And now some pay2win fashionogi with no concept of patience or effort suggests we should just buy nice glow colours.

    Thank goodness this thread will be ignored just like everything else in this forum.

    PS I hope your spirit stays yellow forever

    for starters, i am not a fashionogi, my ego is maxed out and it seems like nexon has no intention of increasing the levels of ego. the reason i made the poll was for rank 1 production tools to be released in gacha. and if other items were not added it would not be a poll now would it?

    As for the Pay 2 win Comment? what server are you in? cause in mine all the parties are buying equipment and materials (black dragon heart is 85mil) and Nexon puts notihng but Rank 1 items in gacha, made reforges, and have packages (Mabi is pay to win now)

    P.S: instead of attacking others with accusations just don't post? and let the thread die?
  • Items Desired in future gacha (Poll)

    Hello everyone, So i heard some players say they would want Rank 1 (Production items) So i figured.. Why not make a Poll (probably was one before) i do not know, i am not going to search for it so making this to see what other players would want to see.

    side notes:
    1. A lot of players miss the production gacha you use to have nexon
    2. you might as well keep spirits the same and add dyes cause wait is terrible
    3. the cloaks honestly i am shocked was not a thing cause like its so nice ;;
    4. the Lord mission enchants i honestly do not want in a gacha but i added it just because why not?