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  • Lol you guys are hilarious.. Also Pay2win is always apart of mabinogi.. are you not buying Gacha? or buying it from players who buy gacha.. how is that not pay to win lol. Do you own premium, VIP, Buy Repairs packages, Reforges, Reforge packages, p…
  • Eralea wrote: » See this picture? It's dated on the 28th of May, 2011. This was taken today: In sixteen days' time, I will have had this spirit weapon for six years. Six years of waiting, hanging around with him equipped, and gif…
  • Look they honestly just need to give a month of premium service so players Can leave their guilds, Or until the issue gets solved.. its not to complicated (just Set an announcement to let players know they can leave) [ hard choice i know, after all …
  • Step 1: get people who like your idea to join you and use it? Step 2: just run with them?...or possibly players who know how to do the raid? (side note: Teach players how to do raid might be better considering you said players blade before spikes.…
  • Welcome Debyoni to Mabinogi NA, Although i generally do not comment to forums, i do enjoy welcoming new people. also i am not sure about the weapon preference..i generally switch often depending on what i am doing. P.S: my character resides in S…