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  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    This is nothing compared to MapleStory. ~ I think you mean RNG (not RGN; unless you need a Registered General Nurse)... ...

    Seriously. Most people I know >> out there >> in offline life (online is realer than you think) look at me in DISGUST (LOL) when they learn how much money I've given to game developers over the past 10 to 15 years (more to Nexon than any other >> and more to MapleCrack than any other Nexon game).

    LOL ... ~ I vaguely remember telling myself >> back in 1999 >> I would NEVER spend money on pixel-form micro-transactions >>

    Look at meow!!! :p :lol:

    To be honest, compared to some hobbies videogames are fairly cheap. Got a friend who's big into amateur film-making and unless you are ok with handheld shaky cam footage, you do need quite a bit of money to get filming locations, high quality cameras, hell if your friends are rubbish actors then you also need to hire some decent ones and thats also not cheap.

    I think the problem with gachapon, particularly the current one, is that the 'failure' rewards are so... meh. Even compared to the last one, the cosmic wonder box, which had letters of guarantee, teeny nao, x-rank crafted heavy armor, training potions, dura hammers, the astrologer outfit, those are all fairly decent stuff.
    this one? SIX coin box related 'prizes', halloween costumes (individually too! I was practically giving away the skeleton outfit shoes), the 'of X' ducat instruments, it just felt much worse when you didnt get the main prizes.

    I'd liken it back to when TF2 (remember that game? man im old) first introduced loot crates. The big win was an unusual hat, at like a 0.1% chance, but the initial lootcrates they released had regular weapons as part of the prize pool. For a comparison, it would be like opening a tower cylinder completely identical to the one you can buy from npcs, out of a gacha.

    I don't have the same revulsion towards loot crates/gacha a lot of people do, I love how it allows for some games to be free2play as long as the whales keep buying, I'm ok with some of the items being really good and rare and exclusive (even in mabi where, lets be honest, the difference in absolute top tier and pretty decent tier isnt really that relevant), I'm definitely ok with fashionogi gachapons, I have a couple issues with reforges (why so expensive and awkwardly priced ;-;) but honestly, mabi's gacha has always been one of the better examples in my eyes
  • Community Live Stream: Halloween and more!

    its definitely quite cruel to have a wings gachapon then have an event for free nearly permanent wings immediately after but all free content is good content so i wont complain
    rest of the stuff coming looks sick too
  • Spirit Digestive Elixir

    in case you were wondering

    I don't know what the exact effects are (dont have a spirit wep to try it out on)
  • New Titles

    Nilrem wrote: »
    I can confirm from a guildie that the Aura titles give no stats. Just animation.

    On par with Shining Hero in the bucket of useless/"I don't actually play the game" titles.

    Only get if you want to run around on fire for some reason.

  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]

    I'm guessing gifs arent allowed. Still, I'll post this anyway, just because.. I mean, look at it
    IGN: papatulus
    Server: Mari

    Actually may I ask, if gifs aren't allowed, can I still submit a screenshot entry in this same post?
    Finding out what Imps must feel like