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Shop grid system

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edited October 22, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
I don't see why this hasn't been thought about or even implemented yet, especially with how long Kiosks have been in the game. I'm tired of seeing 1 shop blocking the ability for 3 more to go in its place if it was facing another direction, and considering we have no reference as to where shops can and cannot go, as they're based more on the back of the shop than the front (sometimes you can have shop blankets actually overlap, but I can't lay one down where there'd be like a foot of space at least on every side). Just make a grid system and maybe an NPC to manage it, bring up a little map of spaces, or just say "yes, there is a space available, would you like it? y/n" and your shop gets plopped down with either your summoned pet or brownie, you can select that from another menu. Maybe give a 30 second timer before your shop closes automatically if you have neither available.

TL;DR - shopping area grids, much more room for shops, much less headache trying to find a spot, much more organized for shoppers
  1. Would you like to see some sort of shop organization in the major shopping areas?(Belvast and Dunby)12 votes
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