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I'm back! Aliases- Linkdahero,Linkkun&ssbbmaniac11

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in Ruairi Chat
Hey guys!

I'm not sure if anyone remembers here, but I'm Linkdahero also was formerly known as the "PVP Giant". It's been a few year since I actually stopped playing, but I would surely love to come back, although I wish Mabi did go back to its roots. Anyways, If there any active people or anyone that remembers me, I would love to play with you guys. ^^



Did any giant ever surpass my record? Just curious. I stand at 3.6k(W) and 1.4K(L).


  • SirHeliumSirHelium
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    I'm not sure that PVP is in anymore.
    but I could be wrong as I just came back to the game lol
  • RuairiGiantRuairiGiant
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    edited February 11, 2018

    I don't really play anymore, but I was a giant named Grifmen who saw you around often, and I always looked up to the pro giants in the scene. Just thought I'd stop by to leave a comment and say that I'm glad you're still kickin'! :D