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Weekly Loc Discussion: Super Parent Title

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Member, Administrator, Nexon
edited June 6, 2018 in Weekly Loc Discussion Archive
We've seen a lot of discussion on the title for the Little Orphan Alyn event, and it seems a lot of you passionately prefer "Super Mom/Super Dad" to "Super Parent"!

We hear you! What do you think: Should we change it to "Super Mom/Super Dad"? Or should we keep it "Super Parent"? How about "Super Mama/Super Papa"? "Super Ma/Super Pops"? (Just kidding on those last ones, hehe.)

-The Mabinogi Localization Team
  1. Should we change the Super Parent Title?51 votes
    1. Yes (Give us Super Mom/Super Dad!)
       82% (42 votes)
    2. No (I like being a Super Parent!)
       12% (6 votes)
    3. I'll leave my suggestion in the comments!
       6% (3 votes)


  • DianusiaDianusia
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,555
    Posts: 55
    Super Mama/Papa yes please <3
  • FluoretteFluorette
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,550
    Posts: 728
    I personally don't mind either way since it's unlikely that I'll wear the titles. However, if it makes a larger group happy, then I'd rather see Super Mom/Super Dad.

    I actually like the sound of Super Mama and Super Papa too...
  • violetkittvioletkitt
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,570
    Posts: 57
    Super Mom/Dad please
  • CynahCynah
    Mabinogi Rep: 520
    Posts: 3
    edited May 10, 2018
    Mama/Papa would be really cool tbh
  • KttyKtty
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,180
    Posts: 878
    I personally don't have a preference but if most would prefer it as super mom/dad I say go ahead and do it.
  • ArjuneArjune
    Mabinogi Rep: 16,890
    Posts: 1,752
    edited May 10, 2018
    I don't like mama/papa as much.... that seems like something a kid would call me, not something I'd label myself. so if the title was "..who loves her mama" or "who loves his papa" or something similar to that, then mama/papa would work. I vote for Mom/Dad

    mother's day is coming up :D
  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,265
    Posts: 2,887
    I could go either way, so the majority deciding seems fine.

    If I gave an alternate title idea, it'd be 'the Loving Mother/Father/Parent" since it sounds sweet, to me, and reflects how we cared for Alyn.

    Of course, "Super Mom" reminds me of something else.
  • MaiaMaia
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,185
    Posts: 903
    Can I be super dad even though my character is female? thx
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,855
    Posts: 790
    I don't mind either way. Thanks for reaching out. I really appreciate it. :)
  • XiokunXiokun
    Mabinogi Rep: 11,100
    Posts: 887
    Super Mama/Papa sounds cool, but what would really make me feel great if I had the title of,

    Super DADDY!
  • TheDumbOneTheDumbOne
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,790
    Posts: 342
    big daddy, sugar mama
  • ZuomoZuomo
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,015
    Posts: 150
    You could also just do "Ma" and "Pa"
    I hope weekly discussions could be more than one subject a week though, surely there is more than one or two problems the team is having.
  • Gaby5011Gaby5011
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,755
    Posts: 712
    Super meh