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⁂ ◆ ⁂ ℏenri's Art Shop ⁂ ◆ ⁂

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edited February 5, 2017 in Art Creations
⁂ ◆ ⁂ ℏenri's Art Shop ⁂ ◆ ⁂

Hello and welcome to my shop!

I don't have a tumblr or deviantart or anything but here are some sample links pics:


ok technically, I do have a tumblr but it's really just a trash blog where I dump useless stuff for when I need the link. don't hurt me



base price:
Chibi | headshot - 500k | $1
Chibi | bust - 800k | $1.5
Chibi | fullbody - 1m | $2

Reg | headshot - 1m | $2
Reg | bust - 1.5m | $2.5
Reg | fullbody - 2m | $4

Character Concept Page | Reg | 6m | $12+*
Character Concept Page | Chibi | 4m | $8+*

*price will change depending on complexity ~

background | 300k+ depending on complexity
animals | 500k+ depending on complexity


Also, I'm kind of new to the forums so I just kind of peeked at other shops and their prices so this seems about the average range??? //sweatsprofusely

I am also open to negotiations!


I almost forgot to mention that I am a Mari-server trash.

But I will accept gold from any other server from that art commission server gold transfer... thing. yes.

Also open to paypal and/or NX!


I also don't draw:
- armor
- mecha/metal
- furries
- couples



Payment type:

If requesting for a character concept sheet, please add some details of what I should include in it!


Thanks for stopping by!