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Weekly Loc Disccusion: Personalized Items

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edited August 22, 2018 in Weekly Loc Discussion Archive
What is up, Mabi peeps? We're here with another localization deep dive today, this time on the issue of bound items!

Mabinogi is a game that gives a surprising amount of leeway in customizing things to your specifications, from upgrade enchants to dye ampoules, which really lets you personalize your own look. So it seems odd that the words "personalized" and "exclusive" are officially used as the terms for an item being what is, in a great many other MMOs, referred to as "bound" or "soulbound." Many non-equipment items use the “(Not Tradable)” tag, so why the different terminology for gear?

What do you think? Are you a-okay with “personalized” and “exclusive” being the terms to designate untradable gear? Or perhaps you have a leaning towards one of the alternative terms mentioned above? Maybe you’re a die-hard for the way it's always been, having written "PERSONALIZED" on the labels of all your underwear letting the world know that they are definitely untradable. Let us know!

- The Mabinogi Localization Team


  • MaiaMaia
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    "Trade Unlock," "Number of Unlocks Available," and "xxxx-only item" do seem poorly translated in my opinion (referring to equipment).

    Bound and unbound seem like better alternatives, though I'm not sure how to re-word "number of unlocks available-" simply substituting unbinds for unlocks still sounds too wordy. Furthermore, I think removing "xxxx exclusive item (Trade Unlock)" in it's entirety would be fitting for the auction house since unlocked items are not able to be anonymous due to this system (and tbh, the auction house seems like it's supposed to be).

    As for items that aren't equipment, it would be nice if Nexon went back and cleaned up all the items we have that say "(Tradeable)" and "(Untradeable)" and stuck with only one (preferably "untradeable" or "soulbound" which indicates it can't be unbound. Then we can assume everything is tradeable unless it has that specific tag on it. Having some items labeled one way, some the other way, and many not at all is very confusing.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    edited August 22, 2018
    Gives equipment to partner... is bound to partner to the point we can't even take it out for repairs.

    I think exclusive works as it is.
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  • MontjulentMontjulent
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    Stick with personalized and exclusive. The original source of untradeable equipment was from upgrading armor, where you "personalized" it to specifically fit just you-- A lore friendly way of preventing you from trading gear that is still unique among games to this day. A lot of untradeable equipment now-a-days isn't actually personalized like that, but I think it's still worth keeping the current unique naming scheme over replacing it with a generic term; It's one of the few bits of Mabinogi's original charm still remaining.
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
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    Here are some example pictures to help the discussion.


    All of these are untradeable.

    These two stacks of fruit have the exact same name and description, and neither can be traded to other players. The difference is that the 26 stack CAN be bank traded to my other characters on the same account, while the 10 stack cannot be bank traded and must stay on the originating character.

    Although I've never received one, I'm assuming there is a normal version of these which is not tradeable.

    This is an example I found in a shop of a "personalized" or "exclusive" item that has been trade-unlocked.