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So what can these new dolls pick up?

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edited February 18, 2019 in Help
So I got lucky on a gacha and got the G22 doll bag - not the compact but hey, I'll welcome my luck, I wanted one or the other so. Happiness!
Now trying to figure out what all they can pick up. I thought it was just gold at first but then Piran started picking up leathers so now I'm curious.
Does anyone know if the others pick up anything besides gold as well?


  • WolfsingerWolfsinger
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,660
    Posts: 1,356
    Small update, I discovered by accident Vayne apparently picks up equipment. Tested this further by dropping armor and accessories and he waltzed over and plucked them off the ground.
    Piran picks up cobwebs as well, I assume he's another sewing-crafting stuffs collector.
    The only current unknowns for me are Marleid and Ceth. Any ideas on these two?
  • MikaylaLoudMikaylaLoud
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    Marleid and Avelin pick up minerals and gems, Piran does weaving and tailoring items, Caswyn does relics, Altam does herbs and potions, not sure about Ceth though.