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I am returning, and switching servers

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edited March 19, 2019 in Mari Chat
so this is my first character on the Mari servers, I have been on and off with this game since its beta. I am looking for people to chill and chat with, might need a little help getting back to where I was, but that's really just quests and stuff. if I could get a few people who are down to just chat and whatever that would make my returning experience that much better. i'm decently chill, I do work so i'm not around all the time, but I want to put in at least a few hours a day. come chill and chat!


  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
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    Hello welcome to Mari :) If you like, drop me a note and I can add you and chat when I'm online and not afk. My work schedule is kind of funky so I'm mostly active on weekends but I'll be on for a few hours here and then during the weekdays if you need any help.

    IGN: Cariceci
  • QmikoQmiko
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    My ign is Inigoh, feel free to add and we can do things if we're ever both free!
  • HisahimeHisahime
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    Hello and welcome! I've recently come back myself so I'd love to help you and hang out sometime!
    IGN: Arinara