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Voyage of Iria - A ruairi event - Interest check

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in Ruairi Chat
Hello, i am Rhonwhen and currently wanting to organize an event. This will be an event for my guild, but all players are welcome.

What is this event?
It will be a casual, laid back event focused around discovery and playing the game in a way many players may have not done as of late.
this event will start in Filia, and we will walk across Iria, visiting all regions and major landmarks of the continent. No Mounts. No Mana tunnels (tagging them are allowed). In each town (starting in filia and ending in the Calida outpost) We will have a rest stop to just chat, hang out, and participate in a gold or Item raffle I will hold before we move on.
I hope to hold this event sometime next week, the exact date is TBD as I get my work schedule soon. so for now, I will judge interest, and if this would be a sort of event you would like to participate in.
I hope to hold more events like this in the future, as I personally aim to help bring back the old mabi.


  • RauganRaugan
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    I'd be down to pretty much LoTR on a not-so-epic quest across Iria. :D