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[UPDATE] Server Merge FAQ 2


  • SenjiSenji
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    edited June 3, 2019
    take mari, rui and tar to the dirt they aint the original Servers.

    rip double post

    ought to add the Title " Year of the Millitian Title to the Algorythm.... 1st Yr Millitian 2nd 3rd yr etc .....

    Maia wrote: »
    Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi were fresh-slate servers. No character data was imported or anything. Yes the beta was called Nao but that server didn't "become Mari" in the sense that everyone who played the beta joined that server. All three servers were essentially new so no server had a special tag. Also understand that pretty much no one knew that Mari=Nao, so there was no connection.

    So What Was The Name of the Server Of the First 3 YEARS .... NOT During But After ... They Were Both Called " Nao " Server ... During Closed Beta .... Nao Server All the Users had their Chars Wiped Cleaned off the Plate as Told during the Test.............And when the Game was Released In " OPEN Beta " It was Then ALSO Called Nao Server for the Next 3 Years! Created both Chars During and After ... course lost the title of CB for remaking my char after using the Coupon and was denied of such Title Since. Your Telling me that I Did A Server Jump from Nao to Mari doing Nothing? I didn't do any Application to pick out which Server to Jump to but simply Appeared in Mari Server.

    So in other words Mabinogi Was Offline for 3 Years Between CB and Mari, Rui, Tar Server Iria Update Opening?
  • RuanRuan
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    Before anyone jumps on me about this, I’m going to mention that these hypothetical situations can take place in months from now, after the dust has more or less settled for name changes.

    Scenario 1 (simultaneous name changes):
    A user has two characters, A and B. They want to change the name of A so B can have it. Can they use two name change coupons before one maintenance so that it’s changed that way? Can a name change be submitted when a name is already in use, then be rejected during the maintenance if it’s not possible, or will the submission be blocked?

    A -> C
    B -> A

    Would this work for a single maintenance?

    Scenario 2 (character deletion and name changes):
    A user has two characters, A and B. They want to delete character A so character B can have the name. The next maintenance takes place on Thursday, 7 AM Pacific time. When is the best time for them to delete A?

    If they delete character A on Tuesday, 11:00 PM Pacific time, the character deletion process is finished on Wednesday, 7:00 AM Pacific time. The name is available then.

    On Wednesday, 7:05 AM Pacific Time, the user submits a name change request for character B so they can get the name A. The original character A has been completely deleted at that time.

    A different user decides to create a new character with the name A on the same day, at 10:00 AM Pacific time. Will the second user be able to create the character with the name A? Or will the name be blocked off as there is already a name change request?