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Alban Golem Glitch - Becomes Invincible

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Soo.. I was soloing a rank SS run of the Alban Knights Training grounds on Heroic and after 3+ grueling hours, the boss glitched on the final floor. Golem is supposed to have a weakness depending on it's color (red = melee, green = range, blue = magic), and is supposed to be capable of only using those skills corresponding to it's color. But somehow this boss glitched into red, but is INVINCIBLE to ALL DAMAGE. Magic, Melee and Range all ONLY DO 1 DAMAGE. And it can use all 3 skillsets at once too, mainly spamming meteor strike on my face.

Apparently, this was thing since like 2017 and still hasn't been fixed? Look at:

Rant below:
I actually sent in a ticket, and asked GM if it was at least possible to get a Heroic stone (which is like 2.5m) back, and the reply I got was that I had to provide "video evidence" - like I'm supposed to anticipate the boss glitching and film my entire run from the start showing which stones I used? C'mon, are you serious? I provided screenshot evidence of the boss glitching already.