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Can't get Nexon Launcher to run on Vista


  • MusicatMusicat
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    edited October 6, 2019
    Hemilia wrote: »
    about as old as the OS
    It's actually older than the OS <w<
    Hemilia wrote: »
    I've heard from some people that they are still using XP even, which is older than Vista, and there's no issue with the Launcher.
    I have an old mini-laptop (unfortunately, the only option left for me now) that would definitely manage Mabinogi , but have the same problem with the Launcher. The Launcher *drumroll* doesn't launch! I haven't tried tracking it in the director though, but I suppose I will get the same result as you did.
    Besides, I tried to run Mabinogi directly some time ago (out of curiosity on a new computer), and I ran into the game's own launcher, which was as old as 2005, I guess. Wasn't able to really run the game, however.
    Nevertheless, my old WinXP minilap supports even some of the newer games with newer launchers. Irony.
    So, I'm kinda looking for a solution too and will start working on it myself as well, soon.