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Anime Crossover Events


  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited November 11, 2019
    Crunchyroll is able to collab a lot of the work they work on with games they also are a part in, and there are a lot.

    I don't see Crunchyroll teaming up with a Korean MMO.

    I don't either. And that really cuts down the amount of options available, especially some of the popular shows.

    Crunchyroll doesn't actually own the original IP for any anime, they're just borrowing/renting the dubbing/subbing/airing rights for money.
    Same goes with the anime itself, the studios don't own the copyright unless it's 100% in studio original.
    (A lot of my above comments list the mangakas/novelist copyright under the spoilers.)

    The importance of securing rights, control, and shares for the show which will give them certain advantages over other potential contenders looking to use its content. And Crunchyroll has enough power currently to sway around to do so.

    Apparently Crunchyroll was bought by AT&T. Just something to note.

    As for collabs, can we get a history of all the collabs done and maybe we can find a pattern?

    Official Website with copyright for Kadokawa Games at the bottom.

    It's likely anything directly involved with Kadokawa, as that's where the mangaka/novelists appear to be selling/publishing the manga/anime.
    Again, Crunchyroll has already recommended a thread OP to directly ask the Japan IP owners.

  • HelsaHelsa
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  • KysaraGiiKysaraGii
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    You know what could be a cool crossover event? Elemental Gelade. Think of the possibilities~ Sorry I just love that idea!!! Just needed to get that off my chest.
  • SherriSherri
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    Wait.. Kadokawa...


  • xSho76xSho76
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    Sherri wrote: »
    Wait.. Kadokawa...



    Yes! And MapleStory recently got Tanya with the Isekai Quartet collab. It was kind of dissapointing though because Tanya seemed to be the "unwanted character" (her chair was the only one you could get from doing the event quests the rest were gacha).

    Also Kadokawa related: Bungou Stray Dogs. It wouldn't fit the Mabi world at all but this is all just wishful suggestions. Unrelated: BSD has some really weird marketing collabs in general like recently there's advertising for a mechanical pencil brand with the characters? Also cosmetics? Weird. (Also the manga has Teruko who is basically Tanya version 2).
  • AmarazAmaraz
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    edited April 22, 2020
    PumpkinRio wrote: »
    A "My Hero Academia" crossover would be cool, then we can have giants cosplaying as All Might.
    He/she won a cosplay contest with this too. Pretty neat.