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The story of wanting to spend my own gold

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Once upon a time I saw an item in the auction house that I really wanted. It was a really good price too. Alas, I did not have enough characters to have enough bank space to store the gold equal to the price of the item. I was frantically messaging my few friends to see if they had enough characters to have enough bank space. It's an easy way to get scammed, I know, but what choice did I have if I wanted to buy the item? I don't have enough irl $$$ to spend loads of money on gachas. The auction house is my only chance. Thankfully, no one tried to scam me. But the item sold. I was devastated. I had the gold ready to spend on the item and I couldn't even use the gold. It took a lot of effort to make such amount of gold and I can't even spend it without spending more $$$ on character cards. I doubt this will ever be fixed based on the feedback of another thread I made a while ago.
And the whales lived happily ever after. The end.