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[EVENT/SALE] Forgotten Tomb Dungeon Event

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Adventurous Milletians can trek to the Forgotten Tomb, where high tier Gear, Weapons, and Treasures awaits. Defeating the enemy can lead to great riches, if you dare. Check out the details below.


Treasure Hidden in a Chest
Event Dates: Thursday, May 28th, After Maintenance - Thursday, June 18th, Before Maintenance

Event Details
  • Talk to the Explorer of the Forgotten Tomb in Dunbarton to enter the Treasure Hidden in a Chest Shadow Mission.
  • You must have at least one Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket or Forgotten Tomb Special Key Exchange Ticket to enter the Forgotten Tomb dungeon. Tickets are exchanged for keys that will open the treasure chests.
    • You can find high tier items when using the Forgotten Tomb Special Key Exchange Ticket.
  • You can only exchange tickets within the dungeon.
  • When you enter the dungeon, one Goblin, Poison Goblin or Goblin Archer will spawn.
  • When the monster is defeated, 66 treasure chests are spawned. Use the Forgotten Tomb Treasure Chest Key or Forgotten Tomb Special Treasure Chest Key to open the chests. Each key will open one chest.
  • There are several ways to obtain tickets.
    • Through events:
      • Chance to obtain a Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket (Event) after clearing any Tara or Taillteann Shadow Mission during the event. Your chance to obtain a Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket (Event) increases with the Shadow Mission difficulty, with harder missions having a higher chance to drop the item.
      • Earn one (1) Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket (Event) through the Pan Attendance Book event
      • A Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket (Event) will expire 30 days after you obtain it
  • Tickets are bound to the character and cannot be traded.
  • When you exit the dungeon with any remaining keys, the keys are destroyed. However, all destroyed keys will be returned as tickets.
  • The Treasure Hidden in a Chest Shadow Mission will continue beyond June 18th.
    • You will be unable to purchase additional tickets after the sale period ends on June 18th.
    • The abililty to receive the Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket (Event) from the Shadow Missions also ends on June 18th.

Treasure Chest Contents
  • Dawnblade
  • Duskblade
  • Enhanced Hillwen Alloy
  • Enhanced Firewood
  • Fate Fragment
  • Purified Apostle Essence
  • Revelation of the Guardian
  • Enhanced Mutant
  • Broken Magic Essence
  • Black Dragon Heart
  • Dragon Scale
  • Broken Guardian's Blade
  • Caswyn's Armor
  • Caswyn's Gauntlets
  • Caswyn's Greaves
  • Pihne's Armor
  • Pihne's Gauntlets
  • Pihne's Greaves
  • Improved Talvish Armor
  • Improved Altam Armor
  • Improved Avelin Armor
  • Improved Llywelyn Armor
  • Improved Talvish Gauntlets
  • Improved Altam Gauntlets
  • Improved Avelin Gauntlets
  • Improved Llywelyn Gauntlets
  • Improved Talvish Greaves
  • Improved Altam Greaves
  • Improved Avelin Greaves
  • Improved Llywelyn Greaves
  • Languhiris Chaser Armor (M)
  • Languhiris Chaser Armor (F)
  • Corrupted Apostle Leather
  • Black Dragon Eyeball
  • Apostle Essence
  • Stone Stalk Mineral
  • Magical Stone Plate
  • Black Chain
  • Firm Blade Fragment
  • Rich Chaotic Rune
  • Torn Sheepskin Parchment
  • Lunite
  • Subtle Mark
  • White Dragon Eyeball
  • Solite
  • Shining Metal Shard
  • Bhafel Slayer Guard (M)
  • Bhafel Slayer Guard (F)
  • Bhafel Slayer Gauntlet
  • Bhafel Slayer Greaves (M)
  • Bhafel Slayer Greaves (F)
  • Bhafel Slayer Circlet
  • Geas Edge Cuirass (M)
  • Geas Edge Cuirass (F)
  • Geas Devastation Chestplate (M)
  • Geas Devastation Chestplate (F)
  • Geas Edge Gauntlets
  • Geas Devastation Gloves
  • Geas Edge Greaves (M)
  • Geas Edge Greaves (F)
  • Geas Devastation Boots (M)
  • Geas Devastation Boots (F)
  • Geas Edge Circlet
  • Languhiris Chaser Gloves
  • Languhiris Chaser Boots (M)
  • Languhiris Chaser Boots (F)
  • Languhiris Chaser Circlet
  • Celtic Druid Staff (Reforge Rank 1)
  • Celtic Guardian Staff (Reforge Rank 1)
  • Celtic Royal Crossbow (Reforge Rank 1)
  • Celtic Royal Knight Sword (Reforge Rank 1)
  • Celtic Dowra Ace (Reforge Rank 1)
  • Celtic Control Bar (Reforge Rank 1)
  • Celtic Tribolt Wand (Reforge Rank 1)
  • Sharp Crystallized Mineral
  • Desecrated Charm Chunk
  • Ancient Golden Crystal
  • Dragon Scale Fragment
  • Ruptured Black Metal
  • Strange Shard
  • Radiant String
  • Fused Hillwen Alloy
  • Massive Turtle Shell Chip
  • Sturdy Leather Scrap
  • Battleworn Covering
  • Cross-hatched Mineral
  • Fine Amplification Catalyst
  • Deformed Ring Frame
  • Finest Amplification Catalyst
  • Thornbush Mineral
  • Faded Fragment
  • Thorny Blue Shackle
  • White Dragon Heart
  • Broken Guardian's Lance
  • Broken Guardian's Gauntlets
  • Broken Guardian's Crossbow
  • Broken Guardian's Spell Book
  • Broken Guardian's Wand
  • Broken Guardian's Boots
  • Broken Guardian's Armor
  • Broken Guardian's Shield
  • Broken Guardian's Gun
  • Broken Guardian's Bastard Sword
  • Rift Hoof
  • Amplification Catalyst
  • Ancient Monster Core
  • Mysterious Shard
  • Black Dragon Blood
  • Hard Crystallized Mineral
  • Enchanted Thread
  • Ancient Magic Shyllien
  • Amplified Alchemy Crystal
  • Nightmare Guard's Relic
  • Forged Weapon Piece
  • Tuning Kit
  • Cleansed Mage's Gem
  • Divine Mineral Fragment


  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Ooooo comments enabled on this. Lol.
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    edited May 28, 2020
    Crims wrote: »
    Ooooo comments enabled on this. Lol.

    Always good for feedback/critiques!

    There's a ton of discussion already about it on Discord. From what I gather there are pros and cons.

    Among the cons, people are worried that this is leading to more worrisome avenues of P2W, and that this event will crash the market on what were previous lucrative commodities. They're also unhappy that the special treasures have some exclusive powerful items in them compared to the event chest, and are quite expensive/don't have a gameplay-obtain method.

    Among the pros, people like that even the non-special treasure chest rewards have very valuable items in them and that they can be grinded by doing content (a previous complaint that there weren't enough events that encourage you to do game content as opposed to idling). There are people that also like that some commodities are becoming more feasible to purchase compared to their previously outlandish prices. We've also had remarks regarding how they like how the prize list has almost no items that they consider junk in them.

    Among the neutral, I see there are people that really wish the exchange tickets could also drop from Baltane Missions.
  • EmilieBerryEmilieBerry
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    Posts: 51
    Where exactly is this Forgotten Tomb guy in Dunbarton?
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited May 28, 2020
    Where exactly is this Forgotten Tomb guy in Dunbarton?

    Where Lorna is.
  • ShroomsterShroomster
    Mabinogi Rep: 935
    Posts: 23
    You guys forgot to add WD blood to the table to balance with BD eye, heart, and blood. 8(
    Makes the eyes a lot harder to use since this event will take priority over any Iria raids.
  • WanderIustWanderIust
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,290
    Posts: 130
    edited May 31, 2020
    Love this event! I've got my hands on all the Celtic weapons and most of the armor sets (so far) at a fraction of the cost. This wouldn't have been possible for me as a collector and casual player without this event making the items more accessible. Paying upwards of 100m per piece of equipment before this event was not feasible for me.