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Pet Paradise Homestead Design Contest


  • RaymondxRaymondx
    Mabinogi Rep: 200
    Posts: 2
    Here's my entry to the event: A cosy homestead with a workshop and secret garden hidden in the back



    The workshop/lab

    The secret garden

    This tennis court was built as a memorial for our daughter Alyn who went overseas to become a professional tennis player

    IGN: Apostro
    Server: Alexina
  • NaiosNaios
    Mabinogi Rep: 545
    Posts: 3
    I submitted a post with my contest screenshots yesterday and it said it had to go through approval since it was my first time posting in the forums. Should I re-submit or hope you guys got it on the first go? I'm just worried I'd be too late to participate.
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,640
    Posts: 220
    Anyone who submitted an entry yesterday but had to go through approval, no worries your entries are valid even though the post on this thread is past the deadline.

    I can see that when you wanted to make the post it was before the deadline. It's just when the approval for new players' posts goes through, it posts it at the time of approval not the time of intended post.

    Basically any submission before this post I'm making right here was fine!
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,640
    Posts: 220
    edited July 8, 2020
    Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait! Getting our panel of judges together is hard stuff when we're all work from home. Without further ado though, I'm please to announce the winners and honorary mentions for the Pet Paradise Homestead Design contest!

    Please note that the order in which these are listed is not the order of scoring.

    Grand Prize

    Soll of Nao (Judges Thought: The nighttime composition came out beautifully here, it looks like the kind of Homestead where you would hear crickets out on a walk. Super cozy for a pet to peacefully sleep at night.)

    Carbuncle of Nao (Judges Thought: As far as the theme of a spa or a resort goes, this one really took the cake! People + pet spas are a real thing in real life and it was tastefully recreated here!)

    Elluan of Alexina (Judges Thought: This was a really fun composition. Judges really liked how well everything fit together seeing it all from up above.)

    Yumikoto of Nao (Judges Thought: This design felt really comforting and really relaxing. Judges felt bad for the cat resting on the grass though.)

    Xavien of Nao (Judges Thought: This Homestead gave an estate-vibe. A very lavish looking place to sit back and relax by the pond or garden.)

    Honorary Mentions
    • Jinshou of Alexina
    • Blankeye of Nao
    • Sphyra of Nao
    • ILily of Nao
    • Taffyta of Nao
    • Chise of Nao
    • Laticija of Nao
    • Minalon of Alexina
    • Avellane of Alexina
    • Teira of Nao
    • izzykuroneko of Alexina
    • Pionya of Alexina
    • Meyki of Nao
    • Dlanoir of Nao
    • Happi of Nao
    • slayer770 of Alexina
    • Jaein of Nao
    • Luckborne of Alexina
    • Kimicatchan of Alexina
    • Omereto of Nao

    Thank you for entering everybody! Please give us up to a week to send out your rewards. We're looking forward to seeing you all again in the next themed Homestead designing contest!
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