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Benzene Art Commissions [GOLD/ERG MATS] (Alexina)

Mabinogi Rep: 1,095
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edited February 22, 2021 in Art Creations
IGN: Imlilnikki (that’s an i)
Server: Alexina
Twitter: @_bouvillea

I’m currently taking on colored sketch commissions for different erg mats, specifically Massive Turtle Shell Chips and Corrupt Apostle Leather.

Headshots for Massive Turtle Shell Chips.
Full-Body for Corrupt Apostle Leather.

And of course, Half-Body for Ancient Golden Crystals, which aren’t erg mats, but I need them anyway :>

I still need Corrupt Apostle Leathers, so I'm still taking colored sketch commissions and fully rendered chibi commissions!

Headshots for 5 mil OR 1 Massive Turtle Shell Chip OR 1 Thorny Blue Shackle OR 1 Magical Stone Plate

Fully Rendered (not colored sketch!) Chibi for 15 mil

Full Body for 30 mil OR 1 Corrupt Apostle Leather (+2mil for complex designs)

Additional character is double price.

Will Draw:
Mild Gore/Blood
Armor (depends on complexity)

Won’t Draw:
Real People

If you’re not sure about what I won’t draw, ask away and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Since these are sketch commissions, payment upfront, please. I will take the materials through mail or trade!
If you do not want me to post the commission on my social media, please let me know!

I have ko-fi commission page set up now for monotone and color sketches if you would like to pay with money instead of gold/mats.

Commission Form (either post it on the forum or DM me on Twitter!):
Sketch Type: Headshot, Chibi, Full-body
Reference: Visual reference please. Visual and description works, too.
Emotion: Happy, sad, excited, etc
Additional Info: