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♡ art for gold/items ♡ [open]

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edited July 11, 2023 in Art Creations
I realized I'm broke lol so offering art for gold, special noblewoman's heirloom dress (F) (original colours only please!), or other things from my wishlist (wishlist needs to be updated) if anyone wants!
these will have a transparent/solid colour bg (animated icons will not have a transparent bg)

♡ chibi : 15mil ♡
props + large or detailed wings will be +5mil
more examples

♡ animated icon : 15mil ♡
more examples

♡ full-body : 30mil flat / 40mil shaded ♡
props + large or detailed wings will be +5mil
more examples (some examples in link are old, style will match the examples shown below)

Payment required after I send the sketch (ign: Belphiie)

✅: humanoid, oc, fanart/game characters, small/simple creatures (ex. moogle or carbuncle)
❌: NSFW, couple/group, muscles, animals/furries (ears/tails okay)

~Form~ (you can message me elsewhere if you prefer, my discord is ktisis_hyperboreia)
Pose: (you can give a specific ref or just give me an idea)
Extra Notes: (background colour/other details/preferred shape for popping effect on icons)

I don't have a specific amount of slots, I'll just close them when I feel like I have enough to work on for now. Please be patient since I might be a bit busy/slow sometimes, I usually only have time to work on art during weekends (ಥ﹏ಥ) my full to-do list is here so you can check progress/where you are in the list!