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Lagging a lot as of lately only in Mabinogi...

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in Technical Support
As of lately, I've been getting really delayed inputs, and areas are loading very slowly, and just overall things are pretty laggy. At first, I thought it was my internet, but I later figured out that Mabinogi is the only game I am experiencing these issues.

It really happened ever since the last update, which is why I'm making this post on the forums. Combat is really difficult with this amount of lag, so I'm not only wondering if people are experiencing similar issues, or if it's just something on my side somehow.

I play on the Nao server, and have never really had these issues until just this week.


  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    well mabi has been pretty busy with all the pet updates going on, maybe try playing on different channels and see if it gets better or not. if you are using wireless try using a ethernet cord. I play through Steam and have almost zero issues but some areas of mabi have been more populated then areas so there has been a little more lag sometimes.