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Doll Bags picking up Shyllien

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edited September 18, 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

I was wondering if you can add "Stained Shyllien Crystals" in the list of items Tani and Lucky Beast Conductor type dolls pick up.
The reason why I paid a lot of money for these bags is to collect shyllien materials more easily.
However, they don't pick up stained shyllien crystals, and I have to constantly check whether there are crystals on the ground.
Please consider adding newer materials in the pick up list! Thanks!


  • DJsanwitDJsanwit
    Mabinogi Rep: 960
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    u wu) There is a pet that pickup everything that drop on the ground too, And you can expand it summon time or added more bag by Fynni sync... Except you are plan to use the another mean to AFK in that area....
    The name of the pet is "Samoyed" for dog type...And "Red Monkey" for Monkey type...
    Am already sold one of the red monkey there still another one left in AH if you playing on Nao server, I recommender you to make it a Fynni pet because it can be use for a lot of gathering work...

    For example a Pethouse that need to farm for a lotttt of Material or when you use Phantasmal Sight(recommender lv8) to spam Hugh Lucky gathering even if you don't have a gathering speed reforge you still able to gathering the same spot for 2 time (= 20+20ea).... But well...Phantasmal Sight don't working on some gathering node.