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HELP MABI NERD OUT!!! goal of 5k subs!!!

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edited January 13 in Alexina Chat
ALEXINA's very own Soul Streamer and Mabi YouTuber Mabi Nerd aka Mabinoginerd has a new milestone this year and that's to reach 5k subscribers!!!
those who watch his content many are not subbed so please go out there and sub to him and give him a like and comment, he streams often on YouTube and Twitch so go check it out, he's a genuine guy and he talks to the locals and hangs out with his viewers even he is just doing a chat or podcast type video. He's a funny guy and the guy who did the maintenance series on YouTube and I think he is so underrated so go support him! or search Mabi Nerd Mabinogi on YouTube


  • Juliet1972Juliet1972
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    OMG that is what all of us must suffer.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    edited March 20
    What would help Mabinerd the most, I think, is if Alexina could be merged into Nao, oh, but there I go again!